Aventinus Asked To Leave
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For the first time ever I, as owner of the game Birds Of War, have asked a player to leave of his own accord. I have done so because I felt that Aventinus, over the time he has spent on the game, has become so incredibly negative and unhelpful (Or at least unwilling or unable to rectify the problems he sees) as to generate a bad mood.

I don't enjoy asking someone to leave my game, it's a bad feeling. I also know that by doing this I will generate unhappy feelings towards my actions, both by third parties and Aventinus himself. This pains me, but I felt it necessary for any future achievements to actually feel like achievements.

The discussion that this came from does have merit. Aventinus outlined something I already knew, if a bit extravagantly put, that activity was on a steady (if minute) decline.

I don't think it's becoming of a staff or administration to blame players for the problems the game has, and as such I take full responsibility for any lack of activity you or others may have seen or felt.

Rest assured, the game will remain open no matter what and that any and all opinions, advice, and concerns are valid and will not be treated with the same response as I have given Aventinus. Aventinus has been in a position of leaving for quite a while now, and to quote him:

that the only reason why I am so critical and wanting large, sudden action on your part is because this is going to be my last MU* ever and that it's either fixing this now or getting out of MU*s completely.
Aventinus, Public Channel

If other players feel I have acted far too harshly, or done incorrectly I will remove the request for him to leave.


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