Leftenant Alexander Jennings
Aliases Leftenant Alexander Jennings of Her Majesty's Royal Air Force
Nationality Great Britain
Birth Place Canterbury, England
Ethnicity Anglo-Saxon
Birthdate June 1, 1919
Concept British RAF Officer
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Alexander Jennings was born on the family estate near Canterbury. The family was lucky enough to not end up so many other landed aristocracy, landed but peniless. No, quite the opposite in fact, exploiting their vast pastures and planting fields. Jennings' canned foods and preserves are a near staple on military air ships and British colonies the world over. Well-brought up, bred, and thoroughly patriotic the young scion to the family fortune hates France only second to one other thing … his own family.


Mother enjoyed her parties and Father was barely sober enough to tolerate them, especially when the object was to get his son a 'respectable girl'. Alexander on the other hand did not relish the idea of dull conversation or settling down with anyone. Life is short after all. So it was on the evening of his twentieth birthday that the young Jennings really livened up the party by announcing his intention to enlist with the RAF to all in attendance. Mother fainted and Father poured himself another.

Alexander Jennings' Grand Tour

Having quitted Cambridge along with his tedious life of opulence, Alexander Jennings is fresh on the scene. Recently enlisted in the RAF, our hero sets off on his own right of passage to serve his much loved British Empire. Wherever his adventures and duties take him, one thing is for certain: The sun never sets on the British Empire and if Alexander has anything to say; it shan't set on him!

Recent Events


A lover, a fighter, and a patriot, the young Leftenant is discovering what it is to be a young man abroad in the world. So far it has been in a word: dangerous and exciting. Judging by the bravado in which he usually carries himself … he's having the time of his life.

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