Baron von Frankenstein
Aliases Baron Dietmar Von Rautenhart
Nationality German
Birth Place Salzburg
Ethnicity German
Birthdate Unspecified
Concept Aristocratic Monster Pilot
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"Why do you shudder at lightning? It is a source of life."


Baron Dietmar Von Rautenhart was born into an aristocratic family with strong Austrian ties and a perverse, long-standing interest in the occult. The Rautenharts served as military officers and advisors in nearly every major conflict, and young Dietmar was groomed from childhood to do the same. His father Otto instilled in him the ideas of honor, courage and unassailable class of his station. His mother, on the other hand, encouraged arts and various cultural pursuits while dosing him with the paranormal and arcane. From the exposure to the weird and to the opera and theater, he developed his trademark… flair and persona from an early age. The young baron attended prestigious schools in England, becoming quite cosmopolitan after being exposed to peoples from all over the Empire. Later, he would attend one of the best military academies in Austria, fully expected to become an Wehrmacht officer.


To the shock of his family, he opted to trade horse for airplane and earned his wings just in time to join the fun in Spain with the Condor Legion. He distinguished himself in combat in short order, being tenacious and skilled in the air. His commanders commended his cool under fire and steely determination. He's an unstoppable force, until, of course, he's stopped. Jumped in a dogfight that saw his squadron outnumbered 5-1, he fought valiantly until he was out of ammo and his plane was barely holding together. The lone survivor, he limped home and crashed on the runway. His body shattered, the Reich put their best scientists and surgeons to work rebuilding what was left of him to make him better, the ultimate nazi master pilot. Stitched, bolted and plated together, revived by a massive electric jolt and encased in a black rubberized skin to hold him together, Von Rautenhart was reborn much like Frankenstein's monster. Stronger, tougher, scarier. He is proclaimed a stunning scientific achievement for the Fatherland, a shining example of the Reich's growing power and technological acumen. He is almost immediately nicknamed Baron Von Frankenstein by the press.

Novel: Baron Von Frankenstein vs. The Pale Specter of Death!

Given a mission of utmost importance to the Fatherland, the Baron flies deep into enemy territory by cover of night to find and destroy the mountain hideout of a cabal of traitorous exiled conspirators that are threatening the life of the beloved Chancellor himself! Undaunted by squadrons of enemy fighters, zeppelins, intense anti-aircraft fire and his own mounting injuries, the brave Baron presses on. All this to face the bullets of a determined nemesis, the ace pilot of a prototype fighter called the Black Specter! Will the Baron once again live to fight another day? Will he need more reconstructive surgery? Will he stare death in the eye and laugh in its face? Will he settle the score with the enemies of the Reich? Find out, in the latest electrifying adventure of Baron von Frankenstein, The Unkillable Monster of the Night Skies.

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Bf-109X "Sturmkrähe" Legendary Single Seat Fighter (based on Bf-109) Instant Cloud Generator
+2 Manouver in Clouds
+1 on Skill checks (Craftsmanship)
2 Variable Improvements
Maneuver Speed Armament
Great (+4) Good (+3) Good (+3)
Stress Cost Notes
[][][] Epic Aspect: 9 cents change
prop name type improvements
small description or history
prop name type improvements
small description or history
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