Cliff Redford
Aliases None
Nationality Empire State
Birth Place Empire State
Ethnicity British, primarily Scot/Irish
Birthdate 08/26/1916
Concept World-Spanning Adventurer
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"Wait. You mean to tell me that it's on FIRE now?!"


From the beginning of his school days, Cliff Redford annoyed his mother with his endless curiosity. Perhaps due to his father's untimely death during the Great War, however, his Mother constantly squelched his efforts to explore the world around him. Perhaps in increasing dogged spite, Cliff started to educate himself on such matters, sneaking books into his room in the dead of night and partaking in as much as possible, with the dream of one day seeing the world for himself. Against his Mother's wishes, he even used the last of his personal saving to learn to fly, taking off at a young age to see the world.


It had been a good long week in Paris with his femme friend, only to discover that she was playing him for a fool. Still, that didn't help the fact that he was trapped in an thin alley between a White Russian and an Italian. He patted the strange cylindrical key in his pocket once. He remembered that, but not the gun which he left in his hotel room when he went to the museum. He really should remember these things. A gunshot near his head reminded him of his predicament, and he started to look around. That's when he noticed the sewer lid. Quickly he lifted the lid and held it like a shield, charging forward towards the lighter Italian with a yell. Gunshot ricocheted off the metal lid. Maybe he'll walk away alive after all.

Cliff Redford in… The Sapphire Obelisk of Bombay

What does a Louisiana Voodoo Cult, the Spanish Airforce and a group of renegade Nazis want with Cliff Redford? Perhaps it has something to do with a mysterious object found within ancient Indian ruins. In this world-spanning, head-spinning action adventure, Cliff, and his femme companion, Pearl Evans, find out the answer to these questions, and more, but will it be in time to stop a disastrous catastrophe that threatens the entire Western World? Join our heroes in this epic adventure inside: they're just a page away!

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Bright, cheerful when able to relax, Cliff is a typically a cordial, engaging person. Although not a braggart, he gladly enjoys regaling others about his travels, perhaps in hopes to inspire them to broaden their horizons. He doesn't seem to be motivated by the pursuit of money as much as he is towards things that interest him, or that may have important significance in his studies. Still, it's clear that he would do anything for those close to him, and trusts his allies strongly. Although he attempts to avoid political discussion, his mood tends to become more somber and serious when discussing world events. When under stress, however, his personality adjusts and he becomes much more focused and determined, often going to extraordinary lengths to achieve his goals (sometimes placing himself in grave danger as a result).

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