Contessa Isabella Bevilacqua
Aliases "Contessa"
Nationality Italy
Birth Place Verona, Italy
Ethnicity Italian
Birthdate January 9, 1913
Concept Visionary Aristocrat
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"Some people are born to bring order to chaos. That is my burden to bear."


From the ancestral Bevilacqua holdings in Verona, the future Contessa Isabella began her life and rise to imperiousness. She was raised and groomed by her father Count Rudolfo Bevilacqua to carry on the good name of the family, to establish herself as one of the leading aristocratic Italian clans. In this, Isabella succeeded beyond all expectations. By the time she inherited the family title at age eighteen, Isabella had developed her skills as a noblewoman, both in and out of court: hobnobbing with her peers, playing politics with the best of them – she even became quite the accomplished fencer, winning several national junior championships.


Contessa Isabella Bevilacqua found herself entertained by the political intrigue that went on around her. Not only were Mussolini and Victor Emmanuel IV both courting the favor of the Veronan nobles, but so were diplomats from Britain and Germany. She had plenty of opportunities to wheel-and-deal, but soon the Contessa realized that she need not limit herself to petty political alliances, no. Rallying the support of the aristocrats of Verona and Venice, the Contessa dreamt of forming her own faction within the Italian power structure. In the years since, her methods grew ruthless, her goals expansive. While not necessarily sadistic, the Contessa had grown power-mad and would stop at nothing to achieve her objectives: she would see Italy rise as a superpower, with her and her supporters at the helm.

NOVEL – La Contessa dell’Italia

The mystery of Halo-X draws the Contessa like a moth to the proverbial flame! Convinced that this miracle gas can secure and propel the Veronan-Venetian Alliance to prominence, the Contessa has arrived in Maracaibo with her entourage in search of Halo-X. How will she contend with N&SeT, the Gran Colombian government, the various clandestine national interests as well as individual interferences? Can anything stand in the way of her destiny?

Recent Events


Imperious, aristocratic, the Contessa is an ambitious woman of noble blood who considers herself a visionary. Utterly confident of her superiority to the unwashed masses, it is her undisputed destiny to take centre stage in human history.

The Contessa may be ruthless in her pursuit of her goals, but she is not necessarily evil. She may be villainess to those who get in her way, but she can be a valuable benefactor for those whose aims coincide with her own.


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