Damario Ynez
Nationality Gran Colombian
Birth Place Helida, Gran Colombia
Ethnicity Hispanic
Birthdate 06/05/1915
Concept Gran Colombian Raider
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"Screaming in the jungle only attracts predators, seƱorita. My being here proves this."


Damario Ynez was born only a few years before the great Spanish flu pandemic. Growing up in the zone that would later become Gran Colombia, he would likewise manage to live through the horrors of the 1929 sickness, but most of his family would not. His parents, younger sister, and most of the rest of his immediate family died, but he was taken in by a surviving uncle and a handful of other more distant relatives who took to living off the land, occasionally resorting to less scrupulous methods and teaching Damario the same.


As time passed the band of family members grew while the country broke down. Scavenging and the occasional thievery was no longer enough, so they became a full-out gang of raiders. Over time their group would become more and more ruthless, kidnapping new recruits and leaving their own injured, sick, or elderly behind to fend for themselves. Never old enough to be a leader of their band, Damario would become someone trusted upon to be willing to do anything.

Novel Title

Years have passed since Damario left home to live in the wilds of the Colombian jungle. Now he finds himself compelled to return, his mind wracked with guilt, regret, and just maybe the possibility of fortunes to be found in the abandoned ghost town that was his home. But is it really as empty as it seems? Or are the ghosts of his childhood still waiting to take him back?


Damario is not a nice man, but neither is he wantonly evil for the sake of being so. He simply grew up under horrible circumstances that served to shape him into a predator. He takes care of himself and nobody else, the only reason he'd help anyone else is if it serves him. And if killing them serves him he'll do that too without regret. Or mostly without any, he still has vague recollections of his family, being raised as a good Catholic which can sometimes come back to haunt him. More often though his desire to move up in the world is what drives him, a calling that becomes stronger with each passing day.

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