Dante Pierce III
Aliases Too many to list
Nationality Colorado
Ethnicity Coloradoan Pirate-People
Concept Wing-Walking Vigilante Swordsman
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"I must apologize in advance, but I am going to have to sleep with your wife."


Some say Dante Pierce popped out of the mountains of Free Colorado with a sword in one hand and a babe in the other—that he was walking from tip to tip of his family's pirate squadrons before he was even old enough to walk; quite the paradox, but that's Dante Pierce III for you. The Pierce's being a motley crew of the most cutthroatest meanest bastards who ever walked the face of the earth, and have been responsible for more raids on Hollywood and Arixo than the rest of Colorado put together. But even as a boy, Dante knew he was not going to fit in with the rest of his family.


Raised among a cruel gang of pirates, Dante soon discovered that the world of pirates was not his own, that the looks of terror on the faces of a zeppelin's crew was not one he wanted to see. That even at the best of times, that he was destined for something greater, something far more noble, perhaps even a path that might put him at odds with his family. With this stunning realization he was given steel, and the daring boy became a daring man.

The Daring Dante Pierce and the Red Carnation Assassins

We once again encounter the nigh immortal Dante Pierce as he defies death once again and takes on the deadliest assassins in the world! Will the high flying swordsman survive to see another dawn or will he meet his demise at the hands of the Red Carnations!? Can he win the heart of the fair Lady Xi, and keep her from the hands of his deadliest adversaries yet? Read, if you dare, and learn the truth in this, the latest adventure of Dante Pierce!

Recent Events


If you were as sexy as Dante Pierce the Third you'd probably dare to wear the same flippant tie, the same astoundingly sweet broad-brimmed hat, and the same leather duster, all buttons and buckles. Every ounce of him is detailed in amazing technicolor that blinds those of inferior skill and daring. Which is to say, everyone. His face is angular and handsome, even to people who don't find him attractive, because he's just that good looking. When he isn't busy looking good he sometimes likes to do a little charitable vigilante work. On his hip he carries a cutlass with a black leather scabbard, and a stylishly gilted hilt. Across his forehead, he tends to wind up with a pair of aviator goggles, and perhaps even a second sword somewhere on his person. For some reason, an assortment of weapons tends to decorate him like fine tapestries in an old castle. Except that he isn't old, so that'd be a new castle, and the tapestries would be more women. His boots are just as buckled as his jacket, but are tightly bound, all the better to make his legs look slim and muscular.


Rapier Wit Craft of the Gods +1 for depanty-ing young ladies and making grown men cry like babies
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