Aliases None in Particular
Nationality Formerly American
Birth Place NYC
Ethnicity Primarily English
Birthdate October 1899
Concept Roughneck Veteran of the Great War
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"I can recognize a hopeless situation when I see it. This'll be my eighth one."


Fitch Langdon Detherage grew up poor, scrabbling and scrapping in the streets of what was then New York City. As he fought his way through his teenage years, he often ended up with a bottle of some rotgut liquor in whichever hand wasn't knuckle-deep in some other guy's jaw. Due to some minor fighting-related indiscretions and a severe lack of other options, Detherage ended up in the American Expeditionary Forces when the old U.S. entered the Great War. There, he fought less but shot more and continued drinking at pretty much the same pace. Many around him died, he himself suffered a bout of infleunza under field conditions and he returned to the States a changed man, haunted by images of war and bloodshed.


Detherage scraped by in hardscrabble fashion, working with his hands either in harsh factory conditions or in unsanctioned back-alley brawls with hundreds of Dollars on the line. His streetfighting skills did not translate perfectly to the legitimate prizefighting sport, but he managed to support himself, if not exactly live out the American Dream. Then the American Dream died, and part of Fitch Detherage did as well. He left North America entirely during that time, traveling southward and digging larger and larger holes for himself to fall into, usually figuratively but literally on occasion as well. He'd given up on himself, but some part of him still had not given up on the promise of what America had always stood for.

Detherage vs. The Last, Best Hope

Detherage is a hard man. The streets of Maracaibo will chew you up and spit you out if you aren't. But when rumors crop up that the original Constitution of the old United States has been stolen and is somewhere in Maracaibo awaiting resale, he feels a bit of a twinge. When a stacked brunette with a Southern U.S. accent shows up in town making her own inquiries, he's somewhat intrigued. When she blows her investigation like a naive teenager and shows up in a bar he frequents with a bunch of goons hot on her heels, he knows he's being played. Still, with his patriotic and… other sensibilities aroused, Detherage leads the dame out of immediate danger and through the innumerable other hazards of Maracaibo. He's making somebody angry, and he still doesn't even know who he should trust. Are the rumors true or is some other game being played? And who, exactly, are the players?

Recent Events



One would almost think that Detherage has strange animal-based powers — if "drinking like a fish" counts. Due to his unusually robust constitution, he can pretty much drink all day long and half the night without much ill effect. Due to his personal preferences, he typically does exactly that.

Detherage is a pessimist, but one who never quits; he expects life to be bad and sliding down to worse, but also expects that he'll be able to survive it all. At his core, he's a patriot of the old United States and the ideals of freedom and personal responsibility that it held dear, though he makes effort not to reveal this. Ideals are a dangerous possession these days and one that most people find too costly to hold onto.

There are a small number of people that Detherage feels personal loyalty towards. None are in any particular position of power or authority, which is probably the only reason he trusts them as far as he can throw them.

Aspects and Stunts

A Mountain of a Man The Horrors of War Expatriate Patriot
Incipient Lush At Home in the Mud "Lost causes are my specialty."
Unbound Wrestler
Hammerlock Bounce Back
Developed Immunities


Home Apartment Specialized Library: Girly Magazines @ Mediocre (0)
Detherage pays rent month to month.
Colt Detective Special Gun (Revolver) Standard Snub-Nose Pistol
Fires bullets. Manly bullets.
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