Captain Dirk Steele of the Independence!
Aliases Captain, Dirk
Nationality American
Birth Place Topeka, Kansas, (Peoples Collective)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birthdate April 11/1890
Concept Leader/Mercenary/Officer/Gentleman
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"Idealist? Me? No. I have ideals, do not mistake, but I am a pragmatic man. My idealism died with the Constitution"


A world war one veteran, Dirk Steele served in the US Navy as an airman and then as the commander of the USS Independence, a powerful new breed of air-craft carrying military Zeppelin. He watched the collapse of the United States with a broken heart. When given the order to return to Washington DC from the failed campaign against the Peoples Collective, he knew the United States was done. He gave the crew a vote; the last Democratic act of a dead nation. Mercenaries flying the American Flag, or soldiers flying a states. The answer was unanimous: They would heed no states claim upon them.


The Independence spent the next few years traveling the world, docking in any neutral port of call. During this time, they made a name for themselves as feared pirate hunters. Much of the well-gotten gains taken from the pirates were invested in stocks, bonds and put in solid banks. Dirk knew he had to fund his men well and that odd jobs would only keep them a storm away from insolvency.

It was during Hurricane Libby in 1935 that The Independence encountered the USS Talladega. This vessel was in distress and taking on water. More, it was broadcasting on US Naval frequencies and identifying as an American ship. After a moments consideration, the Independence pressed in to the storm. Keeping low to the water, the Independence was able to rescue 200 crewmen from the crippled naval vessel, taking severe damage in the process. After the storm passed, the crippled Independence limped in to the US Virgin Islands.

To a heroes reception.

Dirk Steel and the USS Independence in… Pistols, Pistons and Pirates!

PP&P focuses on the adventures of the USS Independence and her captain, DIRK STEELE, as they prowl the skylanes around the US Virgin Islands, and their fight against 'Commodore' Johan Mclintock, pirate king of Puerto Rico!

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A tall man, Dirk Steele stands at an imposing six and a half feet tall. His dark hair, greying at the temples, is cut short, a fashionable trim that accentuates his strong-jawed, thick features. Grey eyes hold some hint of character, some bit of personality that is held in check by the harshness of his gaze. Not a kind thing. A scar traces back along his forehead, starting at the edge of his left brow. It is a jagged thing, with a slight impression where more flesh ought be.

He's dressed tonight in a fashionable suit with a vaguely military cut, tailored to his form. Dark in color, with a crimson/maroon shirt under a silver tie, it's set off by the propellers for cufflinks.

Aspects and Stunts

Duty Bound "Strap in, it's going to be rough" Well Known
Deep Pockets Can't keep a good man down He's seen worse
Long Term Investment Headquarters (USS Independence)
Money Is No Object Rain Of Lead
Signature Aircraft(Improved Zeppelin)


The USS Independence Combat Zeppelin Headquarters
Improvements Expert Crew, Futurization: Radar, Craftsmanship,
1 extra, changing improvement per adventure

Ship: USS Independence
Roll Combat Zeppelin/Carrier

The USS Independence is on, as Captain Steele says, 'long term loan' from the United States Government. Given that the United States Government is no longer in existence, it is unlikely to be able to officially request the vessel's return This technicality has not stopped various fragments of the United States such as the Confederation of Dixie, the Republic of Texas or the Industrial States of America from trying, but it has given Dirk the hilarious opportunity to throw men off a moving Zeppelin.

  • Vital Statistics
    • Manufacturer: Hughes Aviation Corporation
    • Christened: 11 March 1929
    • First flight: 21 April 1929
    • Total Gas Volume: 6,850,000 cu ft
      • Lift with Helium: 428,125 Pounds
      • Lift with Hydrogen: 482,394 Pounds
      • Lift with HALO-X: 548,000 Pounds
    • Fighter Compliment
    • Length: 785 ft
    • Max Hull Diameter: 132.9 ft
    • Propulsion: 16 V-12 Ford AeroRadial Aircraft Engines
    • Max Speed: 75.6 knots (83 mph)
    • Crew Compliment: 110 (90 crew, 15 officers, 5 pilots)
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