Doctor Malvert
Aliases Mad Malvert
Nationality French
Birth Place Paris
Ethnicity French
Birthdate ?
Concept Depraved Scientist
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"The study of Nature makes a man at last as remorseless as Nature."


Malvert was the son of a French missionary, and so travelled the world quite extensively in his youth seeing many far flung regions of the empire. His home, however, was Paris and that is where he would eventually return to attend university. Drawn to the secrets of the natural world and the organizing principles behind it, he would graduate with honors in biology. Young and ambitious, he would then travel the world in Darwin's footsteps trying to expand on the evolutionist's theories and formulate his own. This devotion to science and fact strained his relationship with his very religious father, but he could not be swayed. A world of logic and reason was Malvert's, and it had no place in it for superstition and faith. During his travels he was stricken with a terrible fever, one that left him in the throws of delirium for many a month, wasting away in a tropical hellhole, tormented by terrifying visions. When mostly recovered, he abruptly turned down a teaching position and travelled to South America, haunted by dark visions of the rain forest and its endless array of strange and previously undiscovered species.


From the jungles, he would write papers on the discoveries he made and his adventures were serialized in the French newspapers. Sadly, as his celebrity grew, so did his various eccentricities, perhaps the lingering effects of his sickness. His accounts of various exploits become all the more bizarre and fantastic, leading the scientific minds back in France to turn up their noses at his obviously mad ravings and implausible imaginings. Little did they know that it was all true. Malvert had truly found a lost world, a secret valley populated by all sorts of fantastic, primordial species of fauna and flora. When he finally realized that he was a laughingstock and his theories trashed back home, he was deeply hurt. Shattered, even. Then, well, he just got angry. He would show them! He would show them all! He would also go quite mad. Quite mad indeed. When university and private funding vanished, Malvert founded a corporation that capitalized on one of his lost world discoveries (the medicinal qualities of a prehistoric swamp weed). Doctor Malvert's Tropical Topical Tonic was a big success, and earned him income to fund his ever more depraved experiments and descent into madness.

Doctor Malvert and the Bloody Blooms of Revenge!

Scorned by his academic peers in France, Doctor Malvert retreats to the depths of Amazonia to a secret valley that time long forgot. There, in an ancient temple, surrounded by the primitive tribe of feral beauties, he formulates his revenge. By cross breeding a predatory vine from the lost world, with a beautiful jungle orchid, he creates the most dreadful plant ever to exist. Feeding it the blood of trespassers captured by his small army of savage beast-women, he grows it to enormous proportions before shipping it back to France as gift. Little do his former colleagues know that the beautiful night flowering orchid is in fact Malvert's twisted instrument of revenge! Now his detractors will pay for their baseless slanders. Now Doctor Malvert will have the last laugh!

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Absolutely, intensely cuckoo bananas.

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