Aliases None
Nationality American
Birth Place Astoria, Queens, Empire State
Ethnicity German-American
Birthdate March 01, 1903
Concept Gambler and dour gangster
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"Drift, yegg, before I play you out with a little chin music."


Steiner, son of German immigrants, grew up scrapping in the streets with other kids. He always prefered to separate a kid from his money rather than fight him. And other kids soon learned to share his dislike of fighting, at least when it came to Dutch, because he tended to respond with inappropriate violence. But he always ran a good 3-card monte.


As a young man, mostly setting up games on the street, Steiner finally got enough bankroll behind him to head to a casino, where he proceeded to have a winning streak so great that the pit boss had him brought to the back where he and his mafia buddies could strip Dutch of his take. However, one of them recognized him and vouched. They took his money but let him go unharmed, and Steiner found the whole experience so exciting that he worked his way into the gang through friends, eventually gaining ground as a gambling advisor and a tough enforcer.

Novel Title

Dutch goes after a female card sharp but finds his legendary violence fails him when it comes to the ladies. But he tracks her down to her infamous associate, One-Eyed Jack! Can Dutch catch up to him and pound him into dust, or does the One-Eyed Jack have an ace up his sleeve? Find out in…One-Eyed Jack!====

Recent Events


Dutch is just plain mean. He vacillates between sarcastic wit and utter humorlessness, tending to put people off much more easily than to make friends. He is always looking for a game of chance, and can even pretend to be nice for the opportunity to play. He's happiest when he can throw his weight around in the name of a power strong enough to back him up.


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