Edward Milington
Actor Harrison Ford
Aliases Professor Milington
Nationality American
Birth Place Princeton, New Jersey
Ethnicity White
Birthdate July 1, 1899
Concept Professor of Archeology,
Expert on the occult, treasure hunter
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"That's Professor to you…"


Born July 1, 1899 in Princeton, New Jersey, Edward Milington' life was indelibly influenced when he accompanied his parents, Edward Milington Sr. and Emma Smith on a world lecture tour from 1908 to 1910. Throughout his travels, Edward encountered many important figures in history who shaped his outlook on life. After the return home, his mother became ill and died. The death changed the family as father and son moved to Utah in 1912. Without her, their relationship became increasingly strained. As Edward Sr. withdrew into his studies, Ed found himself in various locations as his father lectured once again. By 1916, ed and his father had moved back to Princeton. While on Spring Break that year, ed quit high school, briefly participated in the Mexican Revolution, and spent the next three years fighting in World War I. Afterwards, he attended the University of Chicago, where he studied under Professor Abner Ravenwood, later transferring to France, where he earned an undergraduate degree in linguistics. In 1925, he began a brief relationship with Ravenwood's daughter Ashley, which ended his friendship with Abner. Once a graduate, he briefly became an archaeology teacher in London.


When Ed was seven years old he first developed his fascination for the bullwhip, when he saw a whip-act in a traveling circus, his father got him into archaeologist during his time lectured and he fought the Nazis during world war 1 so he has a hated for them.

Edward Milington Chronicles

In his latest daring book the hero Edward Milington is searching for the staff of Ra, ed will travel the world searching for the lost Staff of ra, a artifact which is said to hold the secrets to unlimited power, Ed will fight Nazis, mad doctor to find it. With his trusted whip at his side and a girl or two or even three at his side will he do it?

Recent Events


Edward Milington is one of them all around hero types, he loves to find rare antiquities from all over the world and bring them back to the museums they belong too, he can't help himself around pretty women and loves to flirt with them and that get's him in more trouble then it's worth, the Nazi know about him seeing he spoiled there plans a few time and fought them before in WW1.


Edward's Bullwhip weapon improvements: Athletics;Swinging
Edward bought his first whip at the age of twelve, he loves it and train with it everyday becoming better with it, it will never leave his side and it's his favor weapon to use.
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