El Diablo Rojo
Aliases The Red Devil
Nationality Non-Aligned
Birth Place Havana, Cuba
Ethnicity Cuban/Spanish
Birthdate Unknown
Concept Crazed Sky-Pirate
rating: +1+x

"Prepare to be boarded!"


Jose Ortega Guerra Hernandaz was the son of a prominent Spanish nobleman in Cuba, and was raised to believe in his God-given rights to rule the peasants. Growing up on his family's vast estate, he enjoyed the trappings of Spanish nobility while grinding the common folk under his heel, yet at the same time he longed for freedom, away from the strict behavior expected of him while in public. He soon grew to be a little tyrant in the house, rebellious yet demanding at the same time.


In the intervening years, Jose Ortega had become quite the distinguished pilot and fencer. He fancied himself the charming rogue, and thanks to his family's power in Cuba, he felt content to do whatever pleased him… even if it meant strafing the occasional farm in his private aircraft when it suited his fancy. This changed with the arrival of the Royalist Spanish government-in-exile; like most of the Cuban nobility, Jose Ortega despised the Spanish Royal Family, and after several public clashes with the Spanish heir, Count of Barcelona, his father was forced to ship him away to avoid further embarassment. Angry and disgruntled, Jose Ortega fled to Puerto Rico and became one of Commodore Mclintock's lieutenants. Ironically, he finally got the freedom he always wanted, and started fancying himself a pirate lord of old. In a few short years, he had rounded up a large squadron of sky pirates under his command, which he christened "Los Cráneos llameantes" - The Flaming Skulls. Taking the name "El Diablo Rojo" for himself, Jose Ortega quickly built a nasty reputation as a particularly vicious sky pirate, with the entire Caribbean as his hunting ground. Currently, while he seems to have come to an agreement with N&SeT to avoid Maracaibo airspace, El Diablo Rojo raids Cuban traffic relentlessly; the Red Devil seems to be after a bigger prize than simply Spanish gold…

Novel: The Bloody Adventures of El Diablo Rojo!

In this next thrilling chapter, the vicious sky-pirate captain and his mates find themselves facing the pride of the British sky fleet - the HMS Mountbatten herself! Will this be the end of the bloody reign of El Diablo Rojo? Or will the vicious pirate lord defeat the greatest airship in the British arsenal? Find out in this installment of the Bloody Adventures of El Diablo Rojo!

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He must be a bit unhinged, as El Diablo Rojo affects the trappings of the pirates of old, the buccaneers who sailed the Caribbean and terrorized the Spanish Main. By all accounts he behaves like one as well, ruthless, bloodthirsty, rowdy and flamboyent. Given half a chance, the Red Devil will make his victims walk the plank… off the side of an airship.


HA-1112 Muerte Roja "The Red Death" Raider Aircraft (based on J2 Fury) Armored
+2 Armaments (on Focused Attacks)
+1 on Skill checks (Craftsmanship)
2 Variable Improvements
Maneuver Speed Armament
Great (+4) Good (+3) Good (+3)
Stress Cost Notes
[][][] Epic +1 vs Zeppelins, Aspect: Accurate
prop name type improvements
small description or history
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