Elsie Blake
Aliases Elsbeth, Elsie
Nationality English/American
Birth Place London, England
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birthdate November/13
Concept Inquisitive Academic
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"No one should approach the temple of science with the soul of a money changer."


Elsbeth was born in the Empire of Great Britain. After the death of her mother at a young age, she and her father returned to his home in North America. Growing up with her father, a dedicated and driven applied scientist/inventor turned her into a tomboy. After seeing his daughter in numerous fights as a child, he realized maybe the lack of a mother figure would harm her development. As a result he sent Elsbeth to a boarding school during her teenaged years.


Elsbeth mixed with the strict environment of her boarding school like oil and water. However, due to a rich learning environment under her father, a sharp mind, and the same drive he exhibited, Elsbeth flourished academically. Following her schooling she continued on to a prestigous university and received a degree in mathematics. Elsbeths mathematical thesis on propulsion and lift involving aircraft and Dirigibles at high altitudes was published and renowned within the scientific community.

Elsie Blake in… Danger Inherited!

Elsbeth Blake's father has dissapeared and left to her a fantastic piece of technology. What is it and where did it come from? To find out, Elsie Blake will have to avoid the thugs, and Nazis who want to steal it from her. She'll face terrors, and thrills beyond imagination. Will she be able to stay alive long enough to discover the truth? There are those willing to help her, but are they friend or foe? Elsie Blake will have to survive the… Danger Inherited!

Recent Events


Elsbeth is both talkative and quiet, depending on whether she has something to obsess over or study at any given moment. She smiles often at the things she loves, and frowns at the things she doesn't understand. Inquisitive and driven, Elsie has no time to rest when their are things she wishes to learn. She has few friends, but many books. She loves her father and has a soft spot in her heart for any academic man.

Aspect I Aspect II
Her Father's daughter "I read that somewhere!"
Aspect III Aspect IV
"What are the odds?" Yes, but how does it work?
Aspect V Aspect VI
Etiquette Defiant "You've got some nerve!"
Scholar Linguist
Walking Library Photographic Memory
Weight of Scholarly Reputation
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