Félicité Rougemont
Aliases None, yet!
Nationality France
Birth Place Paris
Ethnicity French
Birthdate ???
Concept Flying Female Knight
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"I'll save you!"


Felicite is the daughter of a french inventor. She was born late; her mother was 42 when she was born (and most women wouldn't be fertile that long) - for her, her mother paid with her life by dying in childbirth. She grew up surrounded by her father's things and inventions. He loved planes more then anything else (even his daughter), save but one thing; The Grand Republic of France. As a young girl, she was surrounded by his inventions, and always getting into trouble for beating up her older brothers.


Her father had gone missing two weeks ago; as if he had vanished into nothingness. She searched everywhere for him, checked with all his associates and all of his favorite spots. Eventually, in a dusty corner of his lab underneath a dirty sheet, she found it. It looked like a suit of armor from the days of yore. But…it had a small engine on it! She discovered that it was a jetpack, fashioned like a suit of armor. It fit like it was made for her…and she taught herself how to use it.

Felicite vs The Masked Assassins!

After evading the mysterious assassins seeking her father's jetpack, and failing to uncover the source of the mysterious conspiracy, Felicite Rougemont in her latest adventure travels to Argentina, hoping to uncover the latest clue in the disappearance of her father! Will it turn out to be the Nazis behind her father's disappearance? Will she resist the charms of the pirate's dashing young leader? Will she abandon her quest - or keep looking for her father? Will he even be still alive? Find out!

Recent Events


Félicité is passionate, enthusiastic and brave. She craves excitement and adventure, and doesn't mind if she gets into trouble every so often…thats the spice of life, right? She enjoys helping others, and fancies herself a modern knight, stabbing chivalry in the heart and turning it about; a modern Knight for a modern age…an age of Science and Reason; where a women can be anything, do anything! Despite the fact that she fancies herself a modern Knight of sorts, she has a weakness in her heart for pirates, probably from too many Robin Hood stories.


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