Francesca Bugati
Aliases list
Nationality Italian
Birth Place Modena
Ethnicity Italian
Birthdate April 03/1918
Concept Sky Pirate-Air Racer
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"It goes faster because it's red."


Francesca Andrea Bugati was born in Modena Italy in 1918. She was named after Italy's top ace, however her family, though enthusiastic about aviation owned a small factory producing motorcycles. She took up racing at an early age and the need for speed would be an addiction that would follow her throughout her life. If it had a motor, she raced it.


The Bugati family are propositioned to use their experience with racing engines to build the engines for an upstart aircraft manufacturer. She was in love with flying the moment she got to test one of cousin Enzo's designs out first hand, but it was in the cockpit of a Fonella Pugnella IV that she found her true love, dogfighting. Having climbed into the cheaply made fighter she managed to drive off a band of pirates that had arrived at the wrong time.

Francesca Bugati and The Scarlet Witch

Everyone wants Francesca's plane, The Scarlet Witch, but she's not about to give it up. In order to keep her miracle plane she is forced to do battle with secret agents, pirate gangs and the soldiers of the Axis Alliance. Will she be able to survive the non-stop danger? Will The Scarlet Witch remain hers?

Recent Events


Fiery and combative Francesca likes getting her way. She likes living well, and she makes a pretty good living by chasing sky-pirates, but that's not why she does it. She does it for the thrill! Of course, it's definitely an added bonus when the sky hazard that she's taking care of is a fascist. Not that she cares about politics or anything.


Scarlet Witch Signature Aircraft, Aircraft of Destiny
Man Great (+4)
Speed Great (+4(6))
Armament Fair (+2)
Stress [][][]
Notes Invisibility,
Nitro boost(+2 Speed in chase),
Craftsmanship(+1 to skillchecks),
Variable Improvement
prop name type improvements
small description or history
prop name type improvements
small description or history
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