Gaston LaCroix
Aliases Gaston, Frenchy
Nationality The Grand Republic of France
Birth Place Paris, France
Ethnicity Anglo
Birthdate Unknown
Concept Legonieer, French Agent
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"You are in a tight spot, mon amie. Let Gaston assist you. I know a man, who knows a man, who can get you on that transport… But you will owe me, yes?"


I killed a man. I was young, I was hungry and all I wanted was a meal. The depression gripped Paris like a vise, crushing all underneath it. A vicar had given me a small loaf of bread and I had waited until I was out of sight to eat it. Gerard had spied me unwrapping it however, and came at me. I was so hungry, I didn't think. All I knew was that was my food. My life. And he was trying to take it. So I took his life.


I fled to the French Foreign Legion when I was 16. I lied about my age to join. The first year I thought I had made a horrible mistake. I wanted nothing more than to be quit of that horrid legion, its oppressive rules, it's forced marches, it's regular meals, its solid shoes and warm uniforms. It was at the end of the year when word of the mass starvation in Russia came that I realized how good I had it. A man came looking for me, to take revenge for his brothers death. He held the revolver to me, telling me what he was going to do for the death of his Gerard.

And then my brothers came. I had two hundred brothers, all wearing the uniform of the Foreign Legion. My family is dysfunctional, my family is drunken and it is slovenly at times, but my family loves me, and I love it.

Gaston LaCroix in: The Secret Of The Hidden Temple!

Gaston explores inner Africa, looking for the ancient mines of king Solomon. On the way his expedition is forced to race against a British team and a German Saboteur in their ranks! Who is the odd man? Who is the true legionnaire? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT AMAZING CHAPTER!

Recent Events


A contact man for the French Republic in Maraciabo, he's affable and personable, but with a fist of iron and a jaw of stone.


Gaston LaCroix is a strong looking man, but the sort of strength that is not about his size, instead it seems more about the full body physique. Sturdy shoulders and brawny arms focus more on tone and form than on bulk or mass. His gaze isn't piercing in any dramatic, black and white movie sense, but his blue eyes do hold a firm, unwavering character in them. His features are angular, almost Gallic in their lines. A solid jaw, a hawkish nose and heavy brows create the profile of his face, a dark line of stubble running around his chin.

His wide-set frame is sheathed in a black french-cut silk suit, the angular lines of the suit offsetting the rounded edges of his muscular form. A bit lower than his hips wraps a belt of black leather that holds up his crisply creased black slacks, ensuring they will not fall from his waist. His shoes are Italian leather, shined so well you can see your own reflection in them. Over all of this he wears a black leather long coat that settles on his shoulders perfectly, falling to about ankle-length. A black fedora rests on his head.


'Le Faucon' Signature Aircraft Converted Medium Bomber
Improvement: Craftsmanship (+1 bonus to skill)
Improvement: Futurization: Jet Turbines (2 speed shifts as per Nitro)
Improvement: Variable
Speed Good
Maneuvering Fair
Armament Superb
Stress [][][][][][]
Aspect Bristling with Guns, Pride of Le Academie
Notes +1 Air-to-Air


Aspect I Aspect II
Whats mine is mine The past will haunt you
Aspect III Aspect IV
Brothers in Arms Veterans Respect
Aspect V Aspect VI
Indomitable Extensive Training
Signature Aircraft('Le Faucon') Network Of Contacts
I Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy Contact
Feel The Burn
Alertness +2 Contacting +5 ~Drive +1 ~Endurance +3
Fists +4 Gambling +1 Guns +4 Intimidation +1
Investigation +2 Pilot +1 Rapport +3 Resolve +3
Resources +1 Stealth +2
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