Gayle Fletcher
Aliases list
Nationality American
Birth Place Kansas (People's Collective)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birthdate August 8/1913
Concept Aviatrix
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"All a girl needs to get by in this world is a pair of wings and a new stretch of horizon."


Gayle Fletcher was born in the heartland of Kansas, the eldest of three girls (sister to Ava and Wendy). Her father, Mitchell Fletcher, is a retired World War I flying ace who spent his youth committing daring acts of aerial heroics for the old United States. She grew up on her father's tales of daring wartime piloting, watched him work on the big planes and dreamed of one day taking to the skies herself as an aviatrix extraordinary.


Her father adored his girls but he didn't believe the cockpit was any place for a woman. So, at the age of sixteen, Gayle left home to seek work for a traveling air show. At first she just did grease monkey jobs as a mechanic, but eventually a French aviatrix and test pilot who was one of the performers in the show took her under her wing and showed her how to become a mistress of the skies. After a few years Gayle struck out on her own, to the big wide world and fly its big blue skies.

Gayle Fletcher in…Mistress of the Stratosphere!

Take the skies in Gayle Fletcher's latest tale of aerial feats and adventure! The US government has tasked Gayle to test an experimental aircraft on a secret mission over the Bermuda Triangle. But when the supernatural qualities of the triangle down her plane on a mysterious island, she must navigate an uncharted jungle, rescue her trusty co-pilot from savage natives and find some way to pierce the Triangle's strange meteorological attributes to fly herself home. The answer will take her higher than she's ever been before…

Recent Events

Gayle Fletcher in…the Maracaibo Adventure!

For the past ten years Gayle’s been traveling what’s left of North America, first with the rag-tag air show she joined up with as a girl, then on her own as a pilot-for-hire. She gets by doing air taxi jobs from here-to-there, and small cargo and courier runs. She ain’t getting rich but she gets by OK and it’s a life that gives her the freedom to do as the pleases and travel the skies she loves. She ended up in Maracaibo for simple enough reasons. It’s a town where a girl can find an interesting job easily enough if she’s willing to put her wings to work, and there’s an adventure or two down most alleys. What’ll this place have in store for our intrepid aviatrix? Only time will tell.


The Electra Light Transport Plane Signature Aircraft
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