Haris Mathison
Aliases Mr. Mathison
Nationality American
Birth Place Harrsburg, Pennsylvania
Ethnicity Anglo
Birthdate July 7/1899
Concept Corporate Fixer
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"I do my job, I do it well. Any thoughts other than doing it well I only indulge when I'm not on the clock."


A military man from Pennsylvania, Haris Mathison was raised on three things: Work, prayer, and patriotism. After a childhood of hard labor he went on to join the United States Army. There he worked himself to the bone, building up a foundation of connections and skills that would eventually crumble with the collapse of America.


The United States died and Haris Mathison was left in the wreckage. Haris continued to soldier for The Empire State until he left in disgust. After drifting for several months he came into the employ of Free Wings Aerodynamics, a massive corporation under the head of aircraft baron Michael Strong. Strong was building an army in every sense, and he soon enough found that Haris was a man he wanted on it. Mr. Mathison wasn't a military man anymore, he was a pan-global corporate enforcer.

Haris Mathison in The Race for the Stolen Blueprints of Airplane X!

Haris Mathison and rival espionage agent Ricky Holaway engage in a deadly race to recapture Free Wings Aerodynamics' stolen blueprints! Who will survive the duel deep within the belly of a rival corporation'? Who is the spy inside of Free Wings Aerodynamics? Will Mathison be able to keep the secret of the terrifying Airplane X? Find out in this exciting adventure!

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Mr. Mathison is a very sensible, very bitter individual. His patriotism and faith have hidden themselves away in the wake of the collapse of America, leaving his work ethic his only prop to support his weight. Haris works for his company, and his company takes care of him. What he does at work is of little consequence to him, and what he does on the clock is strictly business. When he's not working he's a very dry individual, albeit not unfriendly. He's great company for those who want to talk about how damn terrible life, the world, and various other things are.


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