Helene Chevalier
Aliases "La Sorciere Blanche"
Nationality French
Birth Place Martinique
Ethnicity French
Birthdate September 13th/1920
Concept Psychic and Houdun Woman
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"Alors, ne me troubles pas. Ah am busy talking to somesing zat you cannot see. Cretin."


Born in the French department of Martinique, Helene Josephine Chevalier was named after both her St. Lucian grandmother and the former Empress of France, Josephine who was also a native Creole from Martinique. Full-blooded French, the girl's family had been in the French West Indies for generations, steeped in the rum trade and sugar plantations. Helene's constant companion as a child was the hoodun woman that was her nurse and servant. Fascinated with this woman and her ways, Helene spent many hours at Seraphine's side, learning about 'magie noire,' herbology, spiritism, and the rituals.


It wasn't until after the first World War that the family business got bad. Sugar production dropped, and Helene's father was almost ruined. In his years of depression, he became very ill… And finally when Seraphine was away, the French doctors could do nothing, and M'sieur Chevalier was left for dead. Helene decided she'd have to try. Drawing on all the knowledge she had gleaned from her nurse, the ten year-old drew the rituals, made the teas and pastes, and called upon the spirits of Magie Noir for the first time unattended. Deals were made, sacrifices offered… And her father woke from his fever the next morning. A few days later, rum sales sky rocketed.

Helene Chevalier and The Dark Sorcerer!

In this installment of The Many Adventures of Helene Chevalier, our heroine goes head to head with a dark sorcerer determined to use the spirits for evil purposes! Will she be able to thwart his wicked plan? Will she be able to maintain the balance of the spirit realm without being sucked into madness? Will she ever be able to practice her faith in peace? Find out all this and more in Helene Chevalier and the Dark Sorcerer!

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Brash and focused to the point of rudeness, the tiny Creole has a reputation for coming across as 'spitfire' or a 'crazy damn sprite'. She's been known to randomly break out into conversations with people who aren't there, blanche at things that aren't there, and otherwise just show up as someone not quite in touch with reality… In other words, crazy as a loon.


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