Horacio "Hogleg" Flores
Aliases None Known
Nationality Mexican
Birth Place Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Ethnicity Mestizo (Spanish and Indigenous)
Birthdate December 1903
Concept Rapacious Bandito
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"Do not kid yourself. You will find that violence is always a valid option."


Horacio Flores was born into a dirt-scrabble-poor family in northern Mexico. He learned no particular niceties, but he figured out quickly how to not back down and not give up. His education was very limited, but he would have received poor marks for playing well with others anyway. He grew up strong and self-centered and quickly caught hold of the region's typical acceptance of the corruption of the powerful.


Horacio found himself on the wrong side of the law at a young age, mostly in minor scraps at first but quickly escalating to burglaries, robberies and armed assaults. He found himself having more success the more violent he allowed himself to become and soon fell in with a band of mixed Mexican and Texan bandits in the chaos following the general collapse of the region. He discovered a personal fascination with the sawed-off shotgun, which led to his being dubbed "Hogleg" by one of his Texan compatriots. The band slowly drifted south over the years, eventually settling into the rural region around Lake Maracaibo.

Hogleg Flores and the Way of the Gun

Hogleg and his band are caught between a rock and a hard place. They've managed to piss off the Panamanians with repeated cross-border strikes and a well-equipped military force is hot on their tails. Hogleg's a straightforward man, but, right now, a frontal confrontation will mean his death. Can he set aside his instincts and lead his men with a brilliant, semi-intelligent, or at least not-quite-moronic plan? Who will live and who will die? Can Hogleg set aside, even for a short time, the way of the gun?

Recent Events


Hogleg Flores is a ruthless, violent, overtly macho bandit who always seems to think that bullets are the answer to any question. He is not the smartest man you will ever meet, and can be unintentionally hilarious due to it, but is actually quite dangerous in an extremely straightforward way.


Hogleg Cannon Sawed-Off Shotgun Craftsmanship, Rugged, 1 Shifting Improvement
A disgustingly oversized pistol-grip shotgun. Deadly, but prone to being tagged with an "out of ammo" aspect.
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