Jack Holden
Aliases None
Nationality Formerly American
Birth Place Maryland
Ethnicity Mostly Danish and English
Birthdate June 1914
Concept Unflappable Linguist
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"I was not lying. I have never studied German. It just so happens that I am fluent in its use despite that small but completely true fact."


Johnathon Ian Holden grew up what counts, for these times, as idyllic middle-class obscurity. He typically had enough to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over his head and no particular dreams to follow. He simply had a childhood, which is rare in itself these days. Shortly thereafter, the United States was no more and it was time to focus on the short term. This was something which young Jack had no aptitude for whatsoever.


Jack Holden never knew what his talent was. It never occurred to him that it was unusual in the slightest. It was simply true that, despite growing up in an especially cosmopolitan area of the United States and thereafter traveling around as necessary, he had never encountered anyone speaking any language that he wasn't able to quickly and almost effortlessly master. It never occurred to him that this might, potentially, be a useful talent in the right place and time and for the right persons. He was discovered by pure luck, as was typical for him, and granted an opportunity to attend college, which he muddled through without effort, in exchange for his future services upon graduation.

Jack Holden and That Blasted Temple

Jack Holden has simple needs… and mysterious allies. When his supporters have need of a translation of an ancient stone disk, Jack sees no problem in offering his help. What he doesn't know is that the disk is twelve feet tall, weighs several tons and can't be safely removed from its present location, a previously undiscovered temple in the Congo Jungle. Now Jack is off on a whirlwind adventure to the Dark Continent, a place of conflicting and crumbling national interests, ever-present air pirate raiders and malevolent flora and fauna, with an ancient mystery awaiting at the center of it all.

Recent Events


Jack tends to take life as it comes to him. He's good at what he does, bright, and means well, but sometimes isn't on top of everything he should be. His desk is a shambles, his bills are occasionally overlooked, and it's quite possible that he should have been voted Most Likely to Become a Tool of a Sinister Conspiracy. He can reveal great will when pushed but usually sets his considerable mental strength on distinctly shallow matters.

Aspects and Stunts

The Unexamined Life Blind Dumb Luck "It's all Lingua Franca to me."
"You mean Yale isn't a party school?" Tougher Than He Looks You Can Take My Life but You Can't Take My Sarcasm
Linguist Gift of Tongues
International Bounce Back
Scholar (Linguistics / Language Origins)
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