Jannsen Borg
Aliases Doctor Borg
Nationality Permanent Resident of Great Britain
Birth Place Copenhagen, Denmark
Ethnicity Danish
Birthdate 12 June 1903
Concept Doctor/surgeon/adventurer
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"Blow your nose and pull yourself together. If I had wanted a weepy woman under foot, I would have sent for a wet nurse, not a surgical one."


The only child of the third son of a minor Danish aristocrat and his English wife, Jannsen (Jann to his close friends of the "proper" kind) grew up in one of the wealthiest areas of Copenhagen. He wanted for nothing, including female attention from his mother, his father's two spinster sisters, his nurse, and the other household staff, all of whom doted on him mercilessly. As a result, though he was no pantywaist and no less rough-and-tumble than any other boy of his age and class, he grew up spoiled to the point of imperiousness and was convinced that a woman's place is waiting on him.


Three closely related things turned Jann away from what he might have become. First, the end of aristocratic privilege in Denmark in 1915 (when he was 12) had as one result his being sent to study in England, where his mother's family could arrange for scholarships his father's could not. That schooling awakened in him a fascination with medicine, and much to his father's ire he went on to Charing Cross Hospital Medical School rather than to Cambridge, earning first his conjoint physician/surgeon diploma and then his medical degree from the University of London. That was the second thing, and the third was his discovering, returning to Copenhagen to set up his medical practice, that his father was a member of the DNSAP, the National Socialist Workers’ Party of Denmark. Jann returned to England and has not been back to Denmark since.

Jannsen Borg in Night of the Long Scalpels!

Doctor Jann Borg thought that going to Cuba to supervise the setting up of the new surgical ward at Hospital General de Havana would mean little more than a few weeks' escape from the damp London fog. Little did he suspect that hidden passageways, a voodoo priestess with a secret message, an icy Teutonic head nurse, and a plot to assassinate the Count of Barcelona at the Gran Teatro would turn his humanitarian mission into a deadly race against the clock that will demand all of his skill and his wits to survive!

Recent Events


He is a dedicated and highly skilled physician who is never less than confident (though sometimes more than insufferably arrogant). Privilege has not left him soft, but it has led him to expect certain things from the world and those in it. He believes in Christian Charity, Right and Good Order, and Privilege and Responsibility in even measure, and he detests Bolshevism, Fascism, and Trade Unionism with equal fervor.

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