Jewel of Orient
Aliases Dongzhen
Nationality China
Birth Place Beijing
Ethnicity Asian
Birthdate May/1907
Concept Princess turned into an evil dominatrix.
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"Ends justify the means."


Dongzhen (Jewel of Orient) was born one of many princesses of the Qing Dinasty in China. She was known to be a joyful kind-hearted child, but at a young age she was forced to marry a mongol tribal leader to further an alliance. She was treated so brutally by her husband that she tried to kill herself. Of course she failed, but since then she became dead inside, without feelings. She also became fearless.


The change within her gave her the determination to cut her husband's throat. She then used her smarts to become the leader of the Mongolian tribe, and she discovered she had a talent for commanding people and making them do what she wanted, using many different means. She moved to Manchuria and secured the help of foreign powers, interested in weakening China, to rise an army there and become ruler of a region. She then kept exploring how the combination of her total emotional detachment and her dominant personality made her incredibly effective at accomplishing whatever end she pursued.

Jewel of Orient in the Spy Nest of Shanghai!

Bored of the life in north China, Jewel of Orient moved to Shanghai. There she used her talent to become a mistress of crime, creating a deep network and becoming involved in opium and weapon trade. At this time Shanghai, being an international port, was a nest of spies and secret plots between the many Chinese factions and the foreign powers, and she quickly became involved in it. She was known to have a very hands-on approach, always on the first line, and she often worked as double or triple agent, for all the factions at the same time, often in disguise. At the end, no one ever knew who was she really working for and why. Maybe she only took the spy life to fill the emptiness of her heart?

Recent Events


Detached, dominating, with a brutal determination and total disregard of the feelings of others.


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