John Call
Aliases n/a
Nationality Disputed Western Territories
Birth Place Gold Heather Ranch, Montana
Ethnicity Irish-English-German
Birthdate June 4/1914
Concept Cowhand and Rifleman
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"Shirts that cost more'n a weeks worth of groceries are like horseshoes that cost more'n a horse. Just ain't nuthin' but crazy."


John Robert Call ain't ever been nothing more than the son of a Montana rancher, a crack shot, and likely the best wrangler this side of God's Kingdom. 'Least, that's what his kin say about him. He broke his first horse when he was 12. Someone told him he couldn't, and, well… He did. John ain't never been one to talk much. He likes animals. Likes people too, just don't really talk much to 'em. Still, seeing him atop that wild mustang, breaking it into a trot at the age of 12… It was like God Himself done worked a miracle.


There was a raid on their ranch. John was 21 at the time. Nobody knew who Montana belonged to.. But a lot of people sure thought they did. So when those pirates flew in to try and pick off their herd, John was right out there picking off the pilots with his rifle. His mother died, and he wasn't ever the same. They rebuilt, but John never got over the killing he did. He knew what he was capable of, and he finally left the ranch so he could try to forget it.

John Call vs. The Crimson Cockatrice!

John Call has seen his fair share of action out in the untamed wilds of Montana. But how will he fare agains the infamous Crimson Cockatrice, a villainess so insidious that even the birds of the air are her minions?! Will John be able to withstand her wiles? Will he make it through the jungles of Gran Colombia safely? Will he be able to save the little Indian Princess, Xu'ehal, from sacrifice?! Find out in this installment of The Adventures of John Call!

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The living definition of the "strong and silent" type, John's a real Cowboy cut from the same old cloth as his father, grandfather, and so on before him. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's straightforward and to the point. "Never miss a chance to shut up" is a saying he seems to take to heart. He doesn't ever really mention his past, at least not the personal aspects of it. He just goes along, does what he thinks is right, and never asks for a damn thing in return. About the only place he really seems to come 'alive' is when he's with animals.


The Grayson Gun - Modified Rifle Craftsmanship, Rugged, Upgrade
Call got his rifle from a mail order catalog and tinkered with it to his own specifications. Upgraded the sight, reinforced a lot of things, but he kept it pretty simple.
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