Johnbreque Pith
Aliases Mr. Pith, John
Nationality British Empire
Birth Place London, UK
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birthdate JUL5/1912
Concept Hunter/Explorer
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"Keep the plane steady, Bunny, I'm going to need to stand to shoot this fellow."


Born in Britain, to a wealthy family, Johnbreque Pith always had an eye for the interesting things in life. Exploring the pantry, his mothers many closets, and finally as he grew older courting the women folk. His father sent him off to school early in his life, an all boys school in London, but that didn't stop him nor his friend Jacob Marthow from scouring the city for secrets.


It wasn't until Johnbreque's first adventure into Africa, on an excursion with his father, that Mr. Pith really got into hunting and exploring foreign places. He wasn't half bad at it either and it kept him quite busy. Many of his hunting trips would bring back trophies, either in skeleton or live form.

Johnbreque versus the Mammoth!

In this daring edition Johnbreque finds himself trapped inside a cave. At first he thinks he's alone but then he finds that there's someone else in the shadows. The dangerous and elusive Mammoth, thought to be long extinct, chases Johnbreque Pith through the caverns of ice. Will he make it? Will he come out this alive or will he be another set of bones on the Mammoths nest?!

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Johnbreque Pith is one of those quirky sorts who is hard to categorize. He has very Victorian tastes and social etiquette. He doesn't talk about sex, he ignores conversation of it, there are no enemies loathsome enough for him to break into anger in front of others, and he never ever lets anyone hold authority over him without proper station to back it! He can be keenly insulting in the polite way and he can be routinely condescending if he doesn't think you of equal or higher station. Tribal people are never equal or higher station. Tribal people may include a majority of the world, including most world powers.


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