Kai "Willow" Yiski
Aliases Willow
Nationality Navajo
Birth Place Navajo Territory
Ethnicity Navajo
Birthdate October 2, 1914
Concept Bartender Mystic
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"You can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep."


Kai "Willow" Yiski grew up in the Navajo Nation, protected by her Grandmother, a wise woman, when her parents were killed early in her life. She was surrounded by the mystic - but playing with things she didn't entirely understand gave her information she shouldn't have had - and she was forced to leave her home or be charged (wrongly) with murder.


Kai's grandmother was brutally murdered several years back. Kai wasn't there, but she had no alibi - and her grandmother's spirit visited her that same evening. Knowing details about the murder that she shouldn't and distraught enough to blurt them out at officials when they came to collect the body, her innate knowledge of the spirit world made her a prime suspect. And when the real killer did his utmost to frame her for it, she was forced to flee or be jailed (and possibly killed) for a horrible murder she didn't commit.

Kai Yiski in… The Irish Willow

In her latest daring adventure, Kai Yiski takes on the challenges of owning an Irish pub in South America - while at least attempting to keep a low profile so that bounty hunters hired by the Navajo Nation don't try to bring her in for the murder of her grandmother. Blending in with the locals is a challenge. So is dealing with the fact that her grandmother's spirit isn't resting easy - and demands that her granddaughter bring her real killer to justice! Will Kai manage to evade bounty hunters and retain her sanity without losing the pub she's come to cherish? Will she be able to find the REAL killer and clear her name? Find out in this installment of The Adventures of Kai Yiski!

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Kai has a kind heart. She'd rather smooth over an argument than perpetuate or cause one. She's never quite happy unless the people around her are smiling. But she's a steadfast and determined ally when helping a friend. And she likes making friends. There's a quiet side to her though. The mystical side that allows her to see many things she'd much rather *not* see. It makes her somewhat morose and introspective at times when she entirely lets he guard down.


Finnigan's Irish Pub Headquarters Trained Staff
Finnigan's was once owned by Terry Finnigan, an enterprising businessman who settled in Maracaibo and decided the place needed something … different. His pub is different, alright. When she was quite young, Kai came into town looking for a job. And because she knew the pub would be the *last* place any Navajo would go looking for her, she asked the owner for a job. Years later when Terry was wanting to retire, he decided to allow Kai to buy the place as she'd shown an aptitude for keeping the place running and the regular patrons along with the staff seemed to adore her. Terry still takes his cut of profits. That's what allowed Kai to be able to afford to buy the place. But she has no problems contributing to the comfortable retirement of a friend who gave her a break when she was down and out.
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