Kitty Collins
Aliases Moira O'Hallahan, Yvette Paradis, and others
Nationality The Empire of Great Britain
Birth Place Dublin, Ireland
Ethnicity Irish
Birthdate May 14/1912
Concept Jewel Thief and Femme Fatale
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"See how they glitter? There's nothing in the world as fiery as diamonds. So pure, so cool against the skin, so eternally beautiful. Name one thing more precious, more desirable… You can't, can you? Now… Hand them over. I'm going to kill you anyway, so you might as well play nice."


Kathleen (or "Kitty") Collins was born in Dublin to Irish professor parents and a middle life existance. At least until there was an airship accident and the parents went up in smoke like the Hindenburg. The 10 year old was sent to live with wealthy relations in London who cared only enough for her well-being to keep her fed and out of rags. But one night… She saw the diamonds her aunt wore to a fancy ball, the sapphires and emeralds that dangled and bent the light. Kitty had found her true love, and she knew that she'd spend her life in its pursuit.


It wasn't until she was taken to fancy dinner at one of her aunt and uncle's friends that she got her chance. She was left alone and ignored mostly, as usual; no one cared what she did, since she was just there to look pretty. So she wandered around the enormous house, through the rooms, up the stairs… and managed to end up in the lady of the house's dressing room. There, plain as day for anyone walking past, was her jewelry armoir, locked up with the alarm set and lasers lit. She'd taken things from her aunt before… Why not now? Carefully, she did her first 'heist'— and made away clean. She's never looked back since, never let anything or any man get in her way.

Kitty Collins and the Blood Diamond

Once again that stunning crimson-haired KITTY COLLINS steals into our hearts and out with our wallets as she makes her latest appearance! Going after the famed Diamond of Rahajee, our leggy Sex Kitten will face desert sands and dark faced bedouins, concrete jungles with glass cases guarded by untold horrors, and dimly lit dives in the company of handsome men almost as cruel as she! Will she make it back to London alive? Will the Diamond of Rahajee stain her hands even deeper with blood? Will she finally meet her match in the dashing form of Rafe Black? Find out now!

Recent Events


Kitty has changed personalities so many times that it's hard to tell what her real one is, perhaps. She can be sweet and innocent, dangerous and cruel, driven, insane, desperate, loving, tender, or seductive. It all depends on what's happening, what she needs, and who she's with.


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