Aliases Jules Valentin Korum
Nationality French
Birth Place Lemuria
Ethnicity Undetermined
Birthdate Unknown/1916
Concept Tarzan via Pellucidar
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"If this is the course of civilized men, then I choose to remain a savage who dwells among the animals."


Rewarded for courageous and loyal service with a diplomatic posting, Lord Robert Marshal — Captain of Her Majesty’s Special Service — never arrived. He disappeared along with his pregnant wife, and the entire crew of the HMS Excalibur. So it came to be that Korum was raised by the Oor-ath tribe of apes in the lost land of Lemuria, unaware of his true heritage. A brutal life in a realm that time forgot, where dangerous, primeval creatures still roam.


The truth of his destiny came before Korum had learned the words to express it: that he could not sit idle while evil flourished. As if drawn by instinct, he found his true father’s military dagger and used that steel fang to establish his dominance in the savage jungle. Sabretooth, saurian, and cannibal tribesman — all the terrors of lost Lemuria learned to fear the orphaned son of Lord & Lady Marshal.

Korum — Lord of the Lost Land

Three nations collide when the French, English, and German adventurers seek the legendary fountain of youth in the lost land of Lemuria! The deadliness of the primeval jungle soon takes a terrible toll, with only the intervention of a mysterious, tattooed, savage figure sparing their lives. Fascinated by these outsiders – particularly with a certain redheaded Englishwoman – Korum chooses to aid them in stopping the Nazis… but will the powerful witch-doctor’s blessing that guards the young jungle lord be enough to save him? Can sinew and steel prevail over supernatural terrors?

Here & Now

Though Korum grows more skilled at pretending to be a "civilized" man, the act is far from perfect. He knows nothing of his true heritage, still believing himself the wayward child of savage apes and holding an outsider's perception of humanity. Though he speaks English well enough, French is his first (human) language, and the recent gift of his name and nationality reflect this. The truth of his past has yet to surface.

Recent Events


Jules Valentin Korum's name is an appropriate blend. The names of Jules and Valentin were given to create a false impression of civilization overtop the guttural-sounding name provided by the denizens of lost Lemuria's jungle: Korum. So it is with the presentation of the man himself. No matter how fine the suit, no matter how composed or stoic he may present himself as being, no matter how polished his manners, there is the indefinable sense that one is speaking to a wild thing that has not quite perfected the pantomime of humanity.


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