Madame Solace
Aliases Dr. Mary Edinsborough (British),
Ms. Ellen Campbell (American),
Singer Marguerite Prideux (French),
many others
Nationality Grand Republic of France
Birth Place Paris
Ethnicity French
Birthdate It's a secret!
Concept Femme Fatale Spy
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“Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.”


Born in the poor dock quarters of Paris during the Great War, Mlle. Solace Lefevre had an inauspicious beginning as the daughter of a humble dockhand father, who was drafted soon after for the front and simply never returned home. Desperate for a means of livelihood, Solace’s mother worked at a brothel on the docks, where Solace gained a healthy dose of street smarts and survival skills in the slums of Paris. She learned to sing and dance from the dancing girls at the seedy taverns, and discovered she had a natural knack for performing to an audience. Not only that, but she had quite the talent in reading her audience, knowing how they were responding and playing to their desires. Taking advantage of her burgeoning innocent beauty, Solace left her mother to pursue a life of performer – and con artist. To Solace, it was only the natural progression of her performances.


For some years Solace was quite successful, making a tidy profit for herself as she cajoled, convinced, blackmailed and otherwise stole from various amorous gentlemen of society. She was quite surprised to be confronted one night by one Michel Babineaux, who knew of all her illicit activities. He made her an offer she couldn’t refuse: either face public revelation of her confidence games and jail time, or work for him in the Deuxième Bureau – the French Intelligence Service. Though quite reluctant initially, Solace soon found the life of a spy quite exhilarating. Making excellent use of her acting abilities, she developed a reputation within the service as a “Woman with a Thousand Faces”, a highly capable spy able to infiltrate any enemy organization. Because of her ability to get into high places, Babineaux favored Solace and regularly gave her high-profile assignments, leaving her out of “mundane” missions such as assassinations, which Solace found particularly distasteful. Solace had displayed a complete willingness to manipulate enemies and friends alike for her missions, but even her continual loyal service to the French Republic might well be an act on the part of the consummate spy. Who can tell where her true loyalties lie?

Novel: Madame Solace in the Den of Dragonflies

Disguised as a hapless English debutant, Madame Solace allowed herself to be abducted by the air pirates of Cau Mau (Indochina) – the infamous Dragonflies led by the ruthless Nguyen Bo Bai. Will she succeed in her mission to expose the hidden stronghold of the Dragonflies to the waiting French fleet? And will she escape the vengeful clutches of the Dragonflies? Join us in the next chapter of Madame Solace’s Outrageous Adventures!

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Madame Solace is usually calm, collected, confident. She can also be stern and demanding, flirtatious and seductive, cold and aloof; one can never be sure which is real and which is a façade. Often it is impossible to tell whether she is a heroine or a villainess.


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