Marchesa Serafina Bevilacqua
Aliases Sera
Nationality Italian
Birth Place Verona, Italy
Ethnicity Italian
Birthdate March 29/1919
Concept Compulsive-gambling noblewoman
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"Would you mind grabbing him by his ankles, turning him over and giving him a shake to see what falls out?"


Serafina Bevilacqua is the youngest daughter of Count Rudolfo Bevilacqua. An accident by all accounts, she was never groomed for power like her sister Isabella. She got all the advantages of her family's wealth and status, but no love. She was surrounded instead by hired help who raised, taught and cared for her while everyone else was involved in grand plans and world travel. Too young to go along, she stayed in Verona under the supervision of a governess, hanging out with the servants. Feeling rightly cast aside, she never took particularly well to the snobbery of her blood family. She could do a good impression of the imperious aristocrat, but it never sunk in beneath the skin. Surely, she thought, she had to have been adopted. She rebelled in little ways, and became a consummate actress to hide her transgressions. She could cry on command, play the perfect ingenue and lie up and down without rousing suspicion. It helped that she could read people so well, always watching for subtle clues and hints that she might have pushed a masquerade a little too far.


When she found out she was going to be married off to a crusty old marchese to solidify an alliance, she flew the coop. But, without any experience in the real world, she had soon spent her way through the little money she had. She had played cards with her governess and sometimes even the butler, so she thought maybe she could win some money. Of course, the men didn't want to play with a girl, so she cut her hair short and lied her way into a seat at the table. She was a natural. It was thrilling beyond words… then she got cleaned out by a pro. Luckily, the old card cheat saw her potential, and decided to work with her for a fair piece of the pie. She learned many a trick from him, reveling in the highs and lows of the 'sport', a thrill-a-minute compared to her gilded cage back in Verona. She was managing to support herself in this fashion when her father's men finally found and dragged her home. She was married a month later to the Venetian marchese.

The Runaway Marchesa in… The Sultan's Game

Fleeing her husband in Venice, Serafina cruises the skies of the Mediterranean bound for a Maracaibo to join her sister the Contessa Isabella Bevilacqua. North of Morocco she is attacked by pirates and taken captive! More annoyed than scared, she boldy challenges their leader Black Jack Spade to a game of chance to settle her fate. She wins her freedom and their respect, but the smitten Black Jack refuses to let her go until she can win back his prized airship from the local Sultan. She's dragged along as they raid up and down the African coast until they reach the Sultan's domain. There she has but one chance to claim the prize or lose her head by defeating the Sultan in a game of chance. It will take all her skill, all her tricks and a whole lot of luck to defeat the Sultan and escape Black Jack Spade!

Recent Events


Thrill seeking, reluctant royal and consummate gambler who usually raises when she ought to fold.


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