Nefertari Ialu
Aliases Tari; Dr. Ialu
Nationality The Empire of Great Britain
Birth Place Alexandria, Egypt
Ethnicity Egyptian
Birthdate September 6/1919
Concept Egyptian Mystic/Artificer
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"Oh, I'm sorry… Are -you- the one who grew up with this stuff? I didn't realize you knew how diffuse what's basically a magical bomb! What's that? You don't? That's what I thought… Now DON'T TOUCH!"


Nefertari was born and raised in Alexandria, in British-controlled Egypt. She had an Oxford-educated Professor of Egyptian Antiquities for a father, and her mother was a wealthy mystic decended in a direct line from the blood of the Pharaohs. Her earliest memory was of the Bedoin fires at night on one of her father's digs. She remembers the music and the dancing, the laughter of her parents, the scent of the food, and the cool breeze over the warm sands. And she remembers the tribe's Holy Man as he picked her up in his arms.


That wasn't supposed to happen. Not.. Not with her. Not this young. Nefertari's parents gawked at her as she laid the the now glowing amulet down. The six year old looked up and tilted her head. "Don't worry, Mummy and Daddy," she said with unnerving calm, hand still resting on the millenia-old necklace. "This was made for me. I know how to use it. Just like I know that the Bad Men will be here in five minutes. We need to go. Now."

Nefertari Ialu and the Ring of Bast!

In her latest book, the heroine Nefertari Ialu finds herself in posession of a mystic ring of great and long forgotten power: The Ring of Bast! With a gang of tomb raiders on her tail, will she be able to keep the sacred artifact from falling into the wrong hands? Will she be able to unlock its secrets before it's too late? Will she manage to escape the blazing desert with her life?! Find out in this, the third Adventure of Nefertari Ialu!

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Nefertari is an only child and likely much too smart for her own good. Being the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian queen likely hasn't done much for her by way of humility either, especially considering that she is aware of her past lives. She was something of a prodigy at the age of six when she activated an amulet her father had found at a dig site… So, she's got more than her fair share of chutzpah. But she's still an ultimately sweet girl, naive and innocent, and wanting to do the right thing. She just… Gets excited and rushes off on her own. Still. She's young.


"Amulet of Shai-Nefer" Egyptian necklace; artifact Arcane; Concious; Craftsmanship
This amulet is thousands of years old. It was created for the Ancient Egyptian queen Neferini (whom Nefertari is a reincarnation of) when she came of age. In 1925, Nefertari's father unearthed the amulet at an archeological dig. The then six year old Nefertari saw it, immediately recognized it, and claimed it as her own, activating the necklace with first-hand knowledge.
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