Oichi Sanada
Aliases "The White Plum"; Oichi-chan; Sanada-chan
Nationality Imperial Japan
Birth Place Kyoto, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Birthdate December 28/1922
Concept Onna-Bugeisha (Female 'Samurai')
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"I cannot tell you who I am. It does not matter. What matters is that I am here and you are here. And yet… I will be the only one to leave."


Oichi was born in Imperial Japan to the remnants of the once great Samurai clan of Sanada. She was raised in the traditional way: to be a capable wife and mother, to be industrious, to be talented, gracious, and graceful… And also to be more than capable in the defense of her family. While skilled with music, cooking, art, and dance, Oichi excelled in the use of traditional Samurai weapons like knives and the naginata. She had her first chance to prove herself when she was thirteen. A burglar entered her father's home when her parents and older brothers were away. With only herself and her two baby siblings around, Oichi snuck up on the burglar and stuck her tanto into the man's neck. Her family came home to find the police there along with a very stoic Oichi and a dead burglar.


It wasn't until the fall of the Emperor and the push back to the Northern Islands that Oichi found 'herself'. In the confusion immediately after the Occupation, she happened to find a Korean officer trying to rape a young serving girl. Oichi reacted instinctively, knives in hand. Crap… She had saved the girl's honour… But now she had to flee Japan. And so she did— but she never forgot the high of that righteous anger. She would protect the weak until she died.

Oichi Sanada in… The White Plum Avenger!

In this latest installment, our heroine Oichi Sanada faces off against the criminal underworld of the New World, battling evil men with flashing blades and leaving only the scent of White Plum behind! Will our masked Avenger be able to handle this new breed of villain? Will she lose her honour and slip into the night, never to be seen again?! Who can tame this ferocious flower? Find out now inside these pages!

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Oichi is outwardly a very demure, quiet and traditional 'buke-no-onna' or female of the samurai (buke) class. She is well-schooled in all the feminine arts and duties of running a home, of entertaining, of caring for the family. And also in the way of bushido, considering her parallel training as a 'Onna-Bugeisha' or Female Warrior. She is stoical, a hard nut to crack. Fierce, loyal, and deadly. The seventeen-year-old is having to adjust to the idea that in the Western World, she is still considered a child. She is very, very honour-driven and holds herself to a high standard.


"White Plum" Custom Katana- weapon "Rugged"
This was a coming of age gift from Oichi's father. He had the best swordsmith in Imperial Japan custom make it for her using the traditional methods.
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