Rafa Pacorro
Aliases Rafael Xavier de Garrido
Nationality Gran Colombian
Birth Place Zulia Region
Ethnicity Mestizo
Birthdate June 1908
Concept Gently Meddling Carabiner
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"No, please, do go on. Truly."


Rafael Xavier de Garrido was born into a family of minor power in the Venezuelan region of Zulia, in which Maracaibo resides. The family had been Spanish nobility, a minor offshoot of the Sucre Garrido y Pardo clan which claimed the Governorship of Cartagena, Cuba and New Andalucia in the late 18th Century. Rafa's family had been shunted aside from power some 100 years prior to his birth due to more extensive inbreeding with the indigenous population than was seemly. The family survived as mestizo with some power intact, due to its still extensive land holdings. Many of these holdings actually survived the area's independence from Spanish rule in the mid-19th Century, for exactly the same reason. In the years since, the family has grown poorer and seen its holdings stripped by one dictatorial strong man after another, but it has always held itself as an inheritor of the nobility of Hispanic mores and customs. Rafa learned this all as he was required, but he was always more interested in the vast panorama of life itself, from the wet nurse's troubles to the gardener's gentle self-effacing humor. Every human being around him was his teacher, far more so than the mere theory that was drilled into him.


Rafa's family was as devastated by the White Death as most any other in the region, with his mother and two older siblings passing away, among others. This left Rafa as the heir while his father feverishly attempted to consolidate some sort of power within the emerging structure of the reborn Gran Colombia. There was little enough power to be had for anyone and the family's elder statesman expended his small amount of political capital to no real effect. The family retained its small estate near Maracaibo but had no authority in the region beyond what any landowner had over his or her own property. Upon his father's death, Rafa inherited the estate and put his prior observations of the region's human element to good use by expelling those workers/tenants/employees that were least loyal and placing the production and stewardship of the meager remaining resources into the hands of those who could be trusted with them. Thus freed from most familial responsibility, he began referring to himself as Rafael Pacorro, though his legal name did not change. He became lightly involved in the local Carabineros, the gendarmes charged with police duties in and around Maracaibo.

Rafa Pacorro in… The Stone Walls of Maracaibo!

In Rafa Pacorro's latest adventure, the streets of Maracaibo hold dangers unheeded and questions unasked. Thuggery in general is on the rise and it seems like the official response is a blind eye. What is this current conflict about and who is benefitting? Who is providing the offical cover and why? If anyone can get the answers, it's Rafa, but will he survive the fallout? And will his revelations make Maracaibo safer or merely even more destabilized?

Recent Events


Rafael Pacorro is genuinely interested in learning about other people, the choices they've made and the reasons for those decisions. This has led him to be a somewhat effective investigator, at least when he's allowed the freedom to conduct his inquiries in his own manner. He prizes freedom and truth but can be led astray from his ideals by ingrained lassitude.


Villa Garrido Headquarters Expert Staff
A small villa and surrounding lands long held in the family.
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