Riley Nguyen
Aliases Riley
Nationality Western Australian
Birth Place Cook Station, Western Australia
Ethnicity Australian-Vietnamese
Birthdate December 25/1913
Concept Bush Navigator
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"Last time I checked, combustion happened inside the engine."


Riley Nguyen was born in a remote outback station, in Western Australia (the half of Australia that went with Germany), as the sole child of the property owner and his wife. She had a rather unexciting upbringing, and her father's purchase of a cheap aircraft and the hiring of an experienced pilot for counting heads of cattle caught her imagination, and a love affair was born. Not for the pilot, but of flying in aircraft and navigation.


As she got older, Riley continued to fly with the pilot her father hired and helped with spotting and in the end, when he deemed her confident, acting as the navigator for the two seater aircraft that her father owned. When the pilot finally had saved up enough money to purchase his own aircraft, he asked Riley Nguyen to become his full time navigator. She had a tact for spotting landmarks and even navigating in dangerous weather.

Riley Nguyen in… Unfound Opportunities

Leaving the red soil of the German loyal Western Australian outback and a successful career as a navigator behind her, Riley Nguyen decides to find her fortune in an entirely new market in the city of Maracaibo. Chasing after work from pilots, rumours of fortune and treasure, Riley attemps to overcome all problems that arise.

Recent Events


Riley is rather outgoing, friendly and respectful, though more than a bit gullible. When sober, she's quietly spoken and polite to most people she comes across. However, when she starts drinking, she tends to cause trouble for herself by becoming a bit too talkative.

+Aspects and Stuns


Drinks a little too much Gullible Brillant Navigator
"I might have said a little too much last night" Let's not be hasty. No one wants dead heroes Calm under pressure


Fly by Night Flawless Navigation Five Minute friends Smooth Recovery Due North
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