Sergei Antonov
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Nationality Bolshevik
Birth Place Moscow
Ethnicity Russian
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Concept Rogue Red Recon Pilot
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"Night is my guardian, the moon my guide."


Sergei was born in famine stricken and war torn Moscow. He was a member of the proletariat from the start, his working family swept up by the promised utopia of the revolution, and Sergei took a keen interest in Bolshevik lore. He was selected at a young age for the prestigious Komsomol, the Bolshevik party's youth organisation.


Selected for the Red Army's elite officer branch, Sergei showed that his passion for the revolution was only exceeded by his fascination with flying machines. From planes to zeppelins, he was capable of flying any machine that could get airborne. His skill apparently derived from an understanding of the deeper scientific principles underlying every flying machine; an almost innate understanding of the technology that made them work.

Novel Title

As the finest reconnaissance pilot in the Red airforce, Sergei Antonov must seek out a mysterious new plane that Tsarist scientists are rumoured to have created; a machine so well constructed that it could end the revolution forever! But when disaster strikes and Sergei is stranded in enemy territory, why does his escape team fail to turn up at the rendevous? Has the loyal revolutionary he been abandoned forever by his own motherland?

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