Aliases Lady Sieglinde, Commander
Nationality Germany
Birth Place Unknown
Ethnicity Nordic
Birthdate Unknown
Concept Vrilerin Kommando
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"You were but a tool, mein liebe."


As enigmatic as her sisters, the woman known only as Sieglinde becomes impossible to track before 1919, before the fateful meeting between high-ranking members of the Thule Society and the fledgeling, previously-unknown Vril Society. What is certain to some is that, peculiarly enough, she doesn't seem to have noticeably aged since then, remaining young and beautiful just like her fellow Vrilerinnen.


Within the Vril Gesellschaft, Sieglinde has a seat in the Circle of Nine, the leading council integrated by the most influential members. Besides being one of the lesser aetheric mediums, she's also one of the commanders of the superbly-trained, disciplined Vril shock troops. As such, she's frequently travelling around the globe with her trusted soldiers, carrying out covert missions to further the secretive goals of the Society, be it occult investigation or retrieval of supernatural artifacts. Honouring the agreement with the Thule Society and the Greater German Reich, their patron nation, Sieglinde and her unit cooperate with and, if truly necessary, supports German regular elements. Nevertheless, as far as she's concerned, everything and everyone outside the Vril Society are nothing but tools and pawns for the consummation of their inscrutable Plan.

Sieglinde in… The Maracaibo Assignment!

With the discovery of Halo-X sources in the vicinity of the Gran Colombian town of Maracaibo, the insidious eyes of the Vril Society turn to the formerly irrelevant, underdeveloped corner of the world. The Vrilerinnen are aware the unique element can't be fully explained by conventional science, and that the scarce stocks of it in Germany are being hoarded by the Kriegsmarine, leaving little for the Society. In order to indirectly obtain amounts of the prized gas for experimentation, the Circle of Nine decides to dispatch Sieglinde and her special operatives to aid the German operations in the area! Will the Vril elites be able to secure the deposits? Will the locals prove to be an inconvenience? Will self-righteous 'heroes' get in the way?

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Maschinenpistole 35 (MP35) Standard submachine gun No improvements
The MP35 is a blowback operated, selective fire SMG which fires from an open bolt. The weapon features
a non-reciprocating cocking handle placed at the rear of the receiver, which is operated in a similar
fashion to bolt-action on a Mauser rifle.
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