Sofia Wolfe
Aliases Nerd!
Nationality Germany
Birth Place Bremen
Ethnicity German
Birthdate September/1915
Concept Ghost in the Machine
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"Say, do you think after I go - the world will become one where all gears are engaged?"


Strange how hard times can turn a little girl from the path of good to something - well, far more sinister. Sofia was once an innocent scholar who wanted to help people. Her bright eyed optimism and curiosity turned to a darker bend once recruited into the Reich. Sofia is very gifted and hard working, even to the point of forgetting to eat or stop.

As a budding young scientist, Sofia had been engaged once. She was too wrapped up in her work and eventually (in her eyes) replaced by a much prettier young woman. In reaction to the pain of rejection, she simply withdrew into her shell. These days, Sofia simply sinks deeper and deeper into her work, falling away from politics and people on the whole.

Such pure, beautiful numbers and the cold, malleable steel. It's a state of stasis she can rest in and be at ease in.


Sofia was discovered during her school days. She was personally recruited and allowed to join a few youth organizations. It wasn't anything too extraordinary, Sofia simply found machines, mathematics and engineering much easier to deal with than people. So much more controllable, less likely to simply abandon her.

Sofia Wolfe in Nacht Doktor!

Sofia deals with having to constantly meet the demands of the Party while tending to her own objectives. She has to evade Allied attention and avoid being captured while wreaking havoc with strange devices and plagues (Or tending to their own soldiers)! Will she manage it or end up yet another casualty? And will her conscience keep her from /truly/ causing trouble for the enemy?

Recent Events


Sofia is a lot of things. But aren't most people? When out and about, she can seem remarkably detached, reserved and polite. She is kind, certainly - but as she says: "Everyone has their masters." Sofia is not above obeying orders. She's cunning and able to adapt quickly to things.

While Sofia can be remarkably meek and kind, there's a distinctly cold and even cruel side. She wants to see her creations at work, even if it means a few homes being incinerated. She is very hard working, even tempered and slightly withdrawn. Being dumped for a much prettier girl has left her a bit uncertain about that 'love' business. There are no equations for it, no rational explanation - she can't draw it up on blue paper… It might even terrify her. And it's so very difficult to form armor against kindness.

But don't mistake that for a willingness to boink a rugged hero that comes along. Sofia *is* loyal, and she intensely dislikes such irrational stupidity. There's practicality in her personality as well.


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