Thakur the Opulent
Aliases Whatever for?
Nationality Indian
Birth Place Bengal India
Ethnicity Indian
Birthdate monthday/year
Concept Thugee Prince
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"Like Kali, I too enjoy the blood of my enemies and the feel of their bodies as I dance upon them. "


Born to a former ruling family in India, Thakur was instilled with a hatred of the English and other non-Indians. His was a easy life but he longed for the days of old when his clan ruled all of Bengal


Fueled by the lust for power, Thakur discovered the cult of Kali. Through the cult he gained power and wealth. In a few short years the self proclaimed Raja became a powerful Thugee King.

The Yellow Scarf!

With his growing power, Thakor sets his sights on the rest of India and the world at large. See him wheel and deal with the Germans, swindle the Italians and murder the English in this high adventure!]

Recent Events


Its a mystery!


Rajiv Animal Fists, Might, Athletics, Intimidation //
Dangerous Bengal Tiger!//
Singh Lt. Fists, Weapons, Guns, Might
Loyal Sikh Bodyguard
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