Thomas Starr
Aliases None Known
Nationality Industrial States of America
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois
Ethnicity American
Birthdate February 18/1913
Concept Cursed Explorer, Pilot
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"You know, I really wish I could say this sort of thing has never happened to me before."


Thomas Starr is a man of leisure, born to the influential shipping magnate Gregory Starr, owner of Starr Freight. As the eldest son, Thomas was expected to take over the family business, and recieved the best education money can buy - a degree at Harvard. Thomas disdained the study of business, preferring instead the fields of archaeology and mythology.


Having secured his inheritance by successfully graduating from Harvard with honours, he almost instantly angered his father by refusing to take a position in Starr Shipping, instead taking the money and enjoying a few years in the social scene of Boston, earning himself a disownment in the process. He spent a lot of time meeting mysterious women, who just as conveniently had strange problems that gave him greater insights into the mysteries of the world.

The Curse of the Dead Man's Gun

While exploring a temple in the jungles of Honduras, Thomas came upon the body of a previous explorer, clutching a beautiful, golden plated gun, marked with strange symbols, in his dead hand. Thomas took the gun along with him, and that's when everything started to go bad; previously inactive death traps sprung to life, a band of aborigines swarmed the temple, and Thomas barely escaped with his life. Studying the symbols on the gun revealed the weapon's cursed heritage; the Dead Man's Gun, as it was known, has been passed down through its years, bringing ruin to all of its owners before moving on to another. However, the gun seems to have taken a liking to Thomas, bringing strange occurences, sometimes misfortune, but never death, and, though he's tried, although others covet the strange weapon, he has never been able to permanently get rid of it.


Thomas is a tall, easygoing man in the prime of his life. The search for knowledge is what drives him; there is something new over every hill, under every rock - and it's usually better than what's come before. Thomas' personal philosophy is to take what is useful and discard what is not; tradition for tradition's sake is tantamount to stagnation. On a personal level, he fancies himself a ladies' man, and is quite charming.


The Dead Man's Gun Weapon of Destiny Craftsmanship, Arcane
The Dead Man's Gun is a cursed weapon, passed down through the years,
involuntarily; bringing ruin and misfortune to whoever wields it, then moving
on to a new owner. It appears in the form of a well-crafted, golden, modern
weapon to each wielder (in this case, a Colt M1911). It seems to like Thomas,
however, and although the gun is involuntarily coveted by almost all who see
it, it almost seems to like him, not bringing him any direct harm.
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