Victoria Conti
Aliases Angel of Mercy
Nationality The Nation of Hollywood
Birth Place Los Angeles
Ethnicity Italian-American
Birthdate September 21st/1914
Concept Heiress and Humanitarian
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"Oh, please don't say such things to me. A lady might welcome such flattery, a woman might even seek it. But I'm just a girl trying to do the best she can in this crazy world. What do I know about 'beautiful' and 'love'?"


Victoria Aurelia Elisabetta Conti was born in sunny, sunny Los Angeles to actor parents, wealthy neighbors, a nanny, and a nursery FULL of every toy imaginable. Life, of course, was pleasant and priveleged. Much like Siddartha of ancient times, she never really was exposed to the rougher side of reality growing up. But she remembers the first time she saw that poor old woman in the alley downtown. She was ten, and her little heart broke. She promptly gave the homeless wretch all the money she had on her (a whole fifteen dollars) and her pearl ring to pawn.


War. Spoils and the inevitable tragedy that follows. The young Heiress had the misfortune to be caught in the Sierras on vacation when Pacifica launched an offensive. Needless to say, there was plenty of orphans, homeless, and wounded after the dust settled. And suddenly, Victoria found herself in her prime. She began to organize relief efforts, lobby to Hollywood's rich on behalf of the destitute, set up shelters and give out food. She had arrived.

Victoria Conti in… Angels Don't Cry!

The world is riddled with war and doubt. Thousands groan in agony, and it's our heroine Victoria Conti that eases their fevered brows and aching souls. This Angel of Mercy, this sweet-hearted humanitarian dedicates her life to helping those who cannot help themselves. But what lies beyond that smiling face? With the love of thousands, does she have room for romance? What deep secrets drive her to seek the erradication of suffering? What is the truth behind her unending well of strength? Find out in Angels Don't Cry!

Recent Events


Soft-spoken and demure, Victoria has never been known to rise in anger unless it be in defense of her Unfortunates. Her tender heart cannot bear to see suffering continue unassuaged, and she has a tendency to hurl herself into her work irregardless of the effects on her own well-being. Her tireless efforts to soothe and lobby on behalf of the destitute has earned her the nickname 'The Angel of Mercy'. However, she is notoriously private. No one ever gets too close. No suitor has ever even been given a chance. She is married to her cause and has little time for anything else.

Aspects and Stunts


Bleeding Heart of Gold Conti Family Estate Champion of the Helpless
Tenatious to a Fault Fear of Romance "-I'll- get the donations."


Doctor Big Man Network of Contacts Smooth Recovery International


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