Aliases Viktor the Lost
Nationality Russia
Birth Place Unknown
Ethnicity Russian
Birthdate Unknown
Concept Mad Russian Psychic
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"You are not hearink dat?!"


Books have always had power. The power to influence, to change, to corrupt. But some books do not leave mere impressions; Some books, when gazed upon, will gaze back. Viktor has awoken alone in the heart of a South American jungle, surrounded by dead men dressed in the same uniform of the White Army as he is. His memories burned away and replaced with bizaare knowledge, loathsome ritual calculations sunk into his flesh, and a name on the inside of a coat are the only gifts given to a stranger in a strange land.


There was a moment of respite when he first awoke; An egotism the likes of which not even dictators can obtain. When his eye opens, there is food in the form of old fruit. When it closes, there is warmth, and he is content. At last, however, the trappings of the mind reassert themselves, and he stands to his feet as a child - wobbly, uncertain of gravity. He does not know where he is, or who he is, or why he has come to this strange temple with these freshly dead people who are dressed as he is. And then the Voices come, burning hot and cold in his skull; His brain a journal, its careful dictation of time white-washed and vandalized with the obscene scribbles of ritual calculation and knowledge. His face coated in sweat from pain and the sweltering South American jungle, he gathers a coat and takes the name written inside for his own; Viktor. He then stumbles forth from the lost pyramid, his flesh bearing the ink of eldritch symbols beneath the skin, leaving all that he was behind.

Viktor the Lost vs. The Eighth Colour

Marked in ancient and eldritch runes, Viktor seeks out the truth of his transformation in a land not his own, unable to trust his own mind! Can he survive the treacherous jungle? Are the visions granted to him a sign of supernatural evil, or is it a symptom of a deeper madness? Find out in the newest horror thriller: The Eighth Colour!

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Aspects and Stunts

What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen The Price Of Truth Lost Bolshevik Warrior
Arcane Amnesia "I see dead people." Touched In The Head
Danger Sense Psychic Voices From Beyond
Words On The Wind Secrets Of The Arcane
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