Zheng Liu
Aliases The Jade Tiger
Nationality China
Birth Place Nanjing
Ethnicity Chinese
Birthdate February 27/1911
Concept Serpent Spearmaster
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"The Zheng have served the imperial family for 14 generations,
and this is how you repay my kin?!"


Born to the wealthy, prominent Zheng family, Liu grew up to be a well-cultured, polite man. He spent most of his teenage years living in the Shaolin Temple at Song Shan, not far from the Zheng estate in the outskirts of Nanjing, considering the vast expanse that is China. There he further developed the martial arts he had been practising since his childhood, and received his priviledged education, particularly in Buddhism and oriental philosophy. Upon his return, the young man became an imperial guard to serve the Emperor as the men of his family had had for generations, and gained quite the reputation in his years of service.


It was no secret Emperor Pao had laid his eyes on the treasured spear of the Zheng, the Celestial Serpent Blade, years ago. However, the influence and political savvy of Liu's father, Zheng Liao, had managed to keep the family relic safe. After Liao's peaceful death in 1938, his only son became the keeper of the spear and head of the household. Lacking the social skills of his predecessor, Liu could not help the progressive deterioration of the family's standing in the eyes of the increasingly avaricious Emperor. Connections were lost, and the situation worsened to the point Pao sent his soldiers to the Zheng estate, with orders to retrieve the Serpent Blade at all costs.

The Jade Tiger in… Escape from China!

Confronted by numerous imperial troops, Zheng Liu chooses to forsake his allegiance to the treacherous Emperor instead of disgracing his family by handing over the soul of the Zheng, the legendary Celestial Serpent Blade. Now a wanted man, our hero sees no future for his bloodline in China anymore, and reluctantly flees his blazing estate and into populous Nanjing. Will the Jade Tiger manage to elude the many military patrols that stand between him and the airport? Will he be able to come to terms with the sudden downfall of the Zheng family and his unfortunate part in it? Where in the world will he go after leaving China behind?

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Celestial Serpent Blade Treasured spear of the Zheng
(Legendary Weapon)
Strikes True (+2 vs. soft cover)
Craftsmanship (+1 to Weapons)
1 Variable Improvement
The Celestial Serpent Blade is an exquisitely ornate, surprisingly light guan dao. The strong, wooden
shaft is decorated with jade and gold details, whereas the golden base of the blade is masterfully
engraved with the predominant image of a long, menacing viper and the name of the artifact in small,
traditional Chinese glyphs. The blade itself, curved on one edge and artistically serrated on the other,
is made of a strange, exotic kind of steel, green-ish silver in nature and not in contrast with the
viridian features of the shaft.

The age of the famed Serpent Blade is unknown, but it's been in the Zheng family for nearly 300 years,
ever since one of Liu's ancestors found it within a waterfall during a casual walk. It's been the Zheng's
treasure since then, and its safekeeping is now Liu's responsibility. As the wielders before him, he has
earned the title of Serpent Spearmaster.

But the weapon is not simply a ceremonial decoration. Far from it. Besides being an exceptional, fully
functional spear, it's infused with certain unexplainable, supernatural powers, not all of them known
even after three centuries of dedicated study. Among the most common is the Blade's uncanny ability
to hit its intended target as long as it can pierce the obstacles in the way. Besides this, the spear's
allegedly arcane properties enable it to drive certain evil spirits away and actually hurt others. Given
the Serpent Blade had never found itself in such a dire situation until now, more hidden faculties are
bound to become apparent during Liu's forced exile and travels around the globe.
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