Type Improvements Science Tree? Arcana/Blessed? Cost? Extra?
Personal Gadget 3 Fixed Improvements With Weird/Mad Science Stunts No. 0 No.
Universal Gadget 2 Flexible Improvements With Weird/Mad Science Stunts No. 1 Stunt No.
Signature X 1 Fixed Improvement, 1 Flexible Improvement, Craftsmanship No. No. 1 Aspect No.
Legendary X 1 Fixed Improvements Yes Yes 1 Stunt Implausibly At Hand For 0 Cost
Personal Artifact 3 Fixed Improvements No. No. 0 Broader leeway to describe what it can do., May not be combined to form bigger artifact.
Rare Artifact 3 Flexible Improvements No. Yes. 1 Stunt Temporary Per Scene Dangerous Aspect
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