Aircraft Statistics

Specific Plane Statistics

Obsolete Aircraft
Name Nation Class Year SPD MAN ARM Stress Cost Notes
Fokker E.III Eindecker Germany Fighter 1915 Poor Poor Poor [] Fair Biplane
Albatross D.I Germany Fighter 1916 Poor Mediocre Poor [] Fair Biplane
Nieuport 17 France Fighter 1916 Mediocre Mediocre Poor [] Good Biplane
Sopwith Triplane England Fighter 1916 Mediocre Average Mediocre [] Good Biplane
Airco DH.4 England Fighter-Bomber 1917 Average Average Average [] Good Biplane, -1 ATA
Breguet 14 France Light Bomber 1917 Average Average Average [] Good Biplane, -2 ATA, +1 ATG
Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker Germany Fighter 1917 Mediocre Average Average [][] Good Tri-plane
Sopwith Camel F.1 England Fighter 1917 Average Fair Average [][] Good Biplane, -1 on Takeoff and Landing
Fokker D.VII Germany Fighter 1918 Average Average Fair [] Good Biplane, Low quality
RAF S.E.5a England Fighter 1918 Average Average Fair [] Good Biplane
SPAD S.XIII France Fighter 1918 Average Average Fair [][] Good Biplane
Potez 25 France Fighter-Bomber 1920 Average Average Fair [][] Good Biplane, +1 ATG, -1ATA
Breguet 19 France Light Bomber 1924 Average Average Fair [][] Great Biplane, -2 ATA, +2 ATG
Fairey Fox England Light Bomber 1925 Average Fair Fair [][] Great Biplane -1 ATA, +2 ATG, -1 on takeoff and landing
Light Fighters
Name Nation Class Year SPD MAN ARM Stress Cost Notes
P-28 Peashooter USA Light Fighter 1926 Average Fair Fair [][] Great -1 on Landing
Bristol Bulldog England Light Fighter 1928 Fair Fair Fair [][] Great
Marquette PR-1 Defender People's Collective Light Fighter 1932 Great Great Fair [][] Great Aspect: Glass Jaw, +1ATA
Ford Hoplite I.S.A. Autogryo(LF) 1934 Good Great Fair [][] Great Aspect: Sting Like A Bee, -1 ATG
Shenzhen Type 4 China Light Fighter 1934 Great Superb Fair [] Good Aspect: Two-bit Engine, +1 ATA, -1 ATG
Messerschmitt Me 209 'Libelle' Germany Light Fighter 1936 Superb Great Fair [][] Superb -1 ATG
Hughes Aviation Bloodhawk Hollywood Light Fighter 1936 Superb Superb Good [][] Fantastic Aspect: Nimble, +1 ATA, -2ATG
Messerschmitt-Kia Mk 131 'Zed' Germ/Korea Light Fighter 1938 Great Superb Fair [][] Fantastic +1 ATA, -1 ATG, Wings fold
Name Nation Class Year SPD MAN ARM Stress Cost Notes
Ravenscroft Coyote Navajo Fighter 1932 Good Great Good [][][] Superb Aspect: Jack of All Trades
Supermarine Type 224 England Fighter 1932 Good Great Good [][][] Superb
Colt Peacemaker 370 Texas Fighter 1933 Great Good Good [][][] Fantastic Aspect: Texan Tough, +1 ATG
Bell Valiant MII Dixie Fighter 1934 Superb Great Good [][][] Fantastic Aspect: Blindspot
Liuchow L34 'Ping Min' China Fighter 1935 Great Great Good [][] Good Aspect: Budget Wings
Hawker Hurricane England Fighter 1935 Good Great Great [][][] Superb -1 ATG
Morane-Saulnier 410 France Fighter 1935 Good Great Good [][][] Good Aspect: Underpowered
Curtis-Wright J2 Fury I.S.A Fighter 1935 Good Great Good [][][] Fantastic Aspect: Accurate, +1 vs Zeppelins
Fairchild Brigand F6II Columbia Fighter 1935 Good Good Good [][][] Superb Aspect: Heavily Armed, +1 vs Zeppelins
Messerschmitt Bf 109 Germany Fighter 1936 Good Great Good [][][] Superb Aspect: Turn on Dime
Grumman E-1C Avenger Empire State Fighter 1936 Great Good Great [][][] Fantastic Aspect: Turbo Charged, -1ATG
Arsenal VG-33 France Fighter 1939 Great Great Great [][][] Epic Aspect: Superior Technology, Superior Science!
Chance Vought F4U Corsair Empire State Fighter 1939 Great Superb Good [][][] Fantastic +1 ATG, Carrier-capable, Aspect: Blindspot
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Germany Fighter 1939 Good Good Great [][][] Superb Aspect: Defender
Fighter Bombers
Name Nation Class Year SPD MAN ARM Stress Cost Notes
Hughes Aviation P21-J Devastator MkIII Hollywood Fighter-Bomber 1929 Fair Good Good [][][] Great Aspect: Tried and True, +1 ATG
Whittly & Douglas M210 Raven I.S.A. Fighter-Bomber 1930 Fair Fair Great [][][] Fantastic Aspect: Low and Slow, +1 ATG, -1 ATG
Curtis Wright P2 Warhawk Empire State Fighter-Bomber 1932 Good Fair Great [][][] Superb +1 ATG
Focke-Wulf Fw 166M2 'Höllehund' Germ/I.S.A Fighter-Bomber 1932 Fair Fair Good [][][] Fantastic Aspect: Targets Locked On, Aspect: Look what I can do!, +2 vs Zeppelins, +1 ATG
Sanderson FB14 Vampire Texas Fighter-Bomber 1936 Fair Fair Superb [][][][] Fantastic Aspect: Painbringer, Aspect: Sluggish, +1 ATG
Shenzhen Type 6 China Fighter-Bomber 1936 Good Fair Superb [][] Good Aspect: Fickle Guns, ATG +1
Junkers Ju 87 'Stuka' Germany Fighter-Bomber 1937 Good Fair Good [][][] Superb Aspect: Howling Banshee, ATG +2, ATA -1
Focke-Wulf Fw 187 'Falke' Germany Fighter-Bomber 1938 Good Good Superb [][][] Fantastic Aspect: Screamin' Demon, Aspect: Temperamental Engine, ATG +1
Name Nation Class Year SPD MAN ARM Stress Cost Notes
Bristol Balmoral Type 140 England Light Bomber 1929 Mediocre Good Great [][][][] Superb Aspect: Surprise!!, ATG +2, ATA -2
Martin Aerotech B-10 Hollywood Medium Bomber 1930 Mediocre Fair Good [][][][][] Fantastic Aspect: Reliable, ATG +3, ATA -2
Liuchow L62 'Hui Xiong' China Heavy Bomber 1933 Average Terrible Superb [][][][][] Great Aspect: Brittle Airframe, ATG +5, ATA -2
Boeing Aircraft B-17 Pacifica Heavy Bomber 1936 Mediocre Average Superb [][][][][][] Fantastic Aspect: Bristling with Guns, ATG +2
Consolidated PBY Catalina Atlantic Coalition Medium Bomber 1936 Average Mediocre Great [][][][][] Fantastic Amphibious, Aspect: Dependable, ATG +3, ATA -2
Handley Page Halifax B-III England Heavy Bomber 1938 Mediocre Mediocre Fantastic [][][][][] Epic Aspect: Punishing Bombardment, ATG +4, ATA -2
Focke-Wulf Fw 200 'Condor' Germany Heavy Bomber 1939 Average Average Great [][][][][][] Fantastic Aspect: Punishing Bombardment, ATG +3, ATA -1
Name Nation Class Year SPD MAN CAP Stress Cost Notes
Junkers Ju 52 'Tante Ju' Germany Medium Transport 1931 Mediocre Poor Great [][][][][] Good
Haikou Ha.30 China Medium Transport 1932 Average Mediocre Great [][][] Fair Aspect: Wonky Instruments
Name Nation Class Year SPD MAN ARM Stress Cost Notes
Transport Zeppelin All Nations Light Zeppelin 1920 Poor Average Fair [][][][][][] Superb Aspect: Stable Platform, *2 Maneuver score for attacks.
Military Zeppelin All Nations Heavy Zeppelin 1930 Average Average Fair [][][][][][][][] Fantastic Aspect: Stable Platform, Aspect: Sturdy, *3 Maneuver score for attacks.
  • All bi and tri planes have the Aspect of 'Frail' and 'slow'. These aspects can only be invoked by superior aircraft however as these craft are plenty sturdy to each other.
  • ATA: Air-To-Air, dogfighting. This applies to Guns and piloting checks for positioning, but NOT to disengaging.
  • ATG: Air-To-Ground/Sea or Anti-Zeppelin.
  • If a plane has two bonuses, only use the higher. +1 vs ATG and +2 vs Zeppelins does not stack to +3 vs Zeppelins.
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