To Do List


  1. Document all commands
  2. Add support for new novels.
  3. Add BADGE ME compatibility.
  4. Make a badge maker.
  5. Email program.
  6. Cameras for IC rooms
  7. CREATE gear maker.
  8. Better tutorial.
  9. [ Newbie ] Francesca thinks it would be gosh darn handy if in chargen you could type SKILLS and it would show you SKILL/SUPERB Basket-Weaving Carriage Return SKILL/GREAT Tiddly-Winks, Crochet <carriage return> SKILL/Good Etc., So-Forthing, Exampling
  10. Have the chargen @mail the player a list of notes to know.
  11. Have the tutorial point to new-character.
  12. Allow modifiers to the roll.
  13. Fix the roll's note shit.
  14. Remodel LEadership
  15. Recolor the commands at the end of chargen.
  16. Change the chargen sheet.


  1. Write up a small bit for each of the locations.
  2. Write up a list of sample plots for each faction, npc, and location
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