Wiki Design


  1. All information should be accessible from the Master Index.
    • All information should be partitioned into specific indexes.
  2. All pages should have tags pertaining to the information
    • All logs should have tags of character names as well as villain or important npcs. Spaces in names are represented by "-" characters. Ie. John-adams
    • All logs should have tags corresponding with their category. Ie. Action, Romance,..etc.
    • If a log is a part of a series, have the log also include it's position in the series. Ie. volume-5
  3. Specific setting information should be accessible by the Top Bar.
    • Split into: Setting | People | Places
  4. Wiki-tools should be readily accessible on the Top Bar.
    • Split into: FAQ | Tool | Index
      • FAQ: What is a MUSH?, How do I play?, What are RPGs?, What is FATE?, Miscellaneous Questions
      • Tool: Dashboard, New Log, New Profile, Scene Kit, House Rules, Edit Top Bar
      • Index: Master Index, Character Index, Region Index, Log Index
  5. The first opening page should have the tone of the game.
  6. All pages should have a category.
    • All categories should have a template that is easy to use and doesn't get in the way.
    • All categories should have an index.
  7. Sections for all major world powers
    • Lesser sections for all minor powers.
  8. Clear information on where a portion of history splits from the normal.
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