How Do I Play?

There are multiple ways to connect to the Birds of War. Connections to Birds of War are via the Telnet Protocol, something you will most likely not care about. The sections below detail the two main ways of connecting, either via "raw" Telnet terminal or through a specialized client. Once you start to understand the basics these two choices will both have their ups and downs.


There are many MUSH type clients on the Internet available for download, here are a few we have found useful:


SimpleMU, MUSHclient, PotatoMUSH, and Cmud.


KildClient, KMUDDY, and GnomeMUD.


PotatoMUSH, Cantrip, and Atlantis (The best so far).


The easiest way to connect to a MUSH is via Telnet. To use Telnet to connect to the game you must first open a Telnet connection, you can do this two ways:

Via Browser

In the address bar type telnet:// and press enter.

Via Command Line

Type telnet 1940 and press enter.

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