Who Are The Admins

Sky Pirate

Position: Founding Wizard, Co-Operator



Started playing Achaea at 12 back when it clocked 500-600 users online daily. That was…Weird. I could never really get into all the grinding or how low they put you to start. Worse was the maintenance required. From then I moved to a few D&D like MUDs, trying to find some way to play a powerful Drow Wizard. Somehow I couldn't grasp that they wanted EVERYONE to start off as wimps. I somehow managed to get to a Shadowrun MUSH, this was my first MUSH, after playing some Shadowrun MUDs (Awake?). From there I found WORA and from WORA I found the community of MUSHing. Over time I became bitter, jaded, and generally angry at how horribly things were done. How people acted to their fellow gamers and, generally, how in the crapper the community was.

Previous Staffing Positions

  • Shadowrun: Denver (Text, Word)
  • Shadowrun: Las Vegas (Winter)
  • Shadowrun: Hong Kong (JackPoint)
  • Shadowrun: Sin City (JackPoint)
  • Shadowrun: Staring At The Sun
  • Gateway: The MU-Connector (Min)
  • Deadlands (Min)
  • Southern Cross (Min)
  • Southern Cross: Cult of Man (Harper)
  • Mediterranean Nights (Word)
  • Terre D'Ange (Ceastius)
  • Event Horizon (Ethernet Demon)
  • London By Claw (Storyteller)
  • Metamorphosis Point (Min)
  • Adventurer's Call (Data)
  • Dark Metal 2 (Mercury)
  • Fading Suns: Vargo (Atswitch)
  • Awake2062 (Blackmoon)

Other Games Developing

  • Call For Heroes (Fantasy), Depraved Creations (Contemporary Horror)

Previous Games Played

  • Over 70



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