Johnnie Carmichal
Aliases The Ghost, Johnnie
Nationality ISA
Birth Place Minneapolis, Mn
Ethnicity Irish
Birthdate 05-18/1910
Concept Private Dick, Vigilante
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"The Dead have a way of coming back….."


John "Johnnie" Gilbert Carmichal was born May 18th, 1910 to middle-class parents in Minneapolis Minnesota. This would be a fateful day for him as on that day earth passed through Halley's Comet's tail, and was bathed in cyanide gas as well as several other undiscovered and unknown extra terrestrial elements. This mutated his genetic structure, giving him some amazing abilities.


While on a case, a bombing occurred. This wasn't anything new, but while he was running for cover he saw a small girl, a street urchin huddling next to a wall that was just starting to tip over. He might be hard boiled but he couldn't stand by. So he ran over, shoved the kid out, and the wall fell on him. Screwy thing was, he didn't get crushed. In fact, he blacked out but when he came to, he was laying atop the rubble, not beneath it. He'd dreamed he became like a ghost and slipped through the rubble before passing out…but that couldn't be right….could it? It must, he had decided, and began experimenting.

Johnnie Carmichal in….Death finds The Ghost

In this explosive first story, Hard Boiled Detective by day, Vengeful Vigilante by night, Johnnie Carmichal AKA "The Ghost" takes on the mystery of a murdered waitress. On the grimey streets of Chicago he'll face the mysterious crime syndicate D.E.A.T.H., will it spell his death? Will he catch the killer and exact vengeance? Find out in this explosive introduction to our mysterious hero as he weaves his way through peril and dirty back alleyways, and find out if The Ghost will give up the ghost!

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Johnnie Carmichal AKA "The Ghost" can be pragmatic, hard nosed, and generally keeps his thoughts to himself. He can also be rather philosopical when the mood strikes him. He's Generally pretty easy going otherwise, he likes a strong stiff drink, and a good smoke, and can be somewhat charming as well when the mood strikes him.

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